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USB-Connection More information at www.ebi300.com NEW Generates PDF Food EBI 300 Temperature Data Logger for Food > For temperature monitoring related to HACCP/IFS issues or other perishable goods > Transportation of fresh, cool and deep cool products > Monitoring of fridges and deep freezers

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Cold Chain Monitoring with EBI 300 USB Data Logger Print directly Mail to receiver PDF creation Easy temperature monitoring for transport or storage applications Start Program, set optional limits, and press start…the EBI 300 is ready to monitor time and temperature. Once you remove your goods from storage or they reach their destination, you can see immediately if a temperature limit was exceeded with the help of a flashing red LED. Connect Connect the logger to any PC after transport or removing the monitored goods from storage. The logger will automatically generate a standard PDF without any...

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Benefits > Access the data anywhere with the automatically generated PDF report and any PDF software > Minimize training, user errors and IT costs using EBI 300’s simple, easy to use design and standard software > Ensure data integrity since no data manipulation is possible > EN 12830, ATP, VO(EG) 37/2005 Compliant > Factory calibration certificate included More information at www.ebi300.com Technical Data Type EBI 300 Operating temperature Accuracy Resolution Sensor Weight Memory Protection class Dimensions Measurement Samples Maximum Start Delay Material Measuring modes Alarms Battery life time...

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