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EBI 330 - T30 / EBI 330 - T85
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Catalogue excerpts

Single Use USB Data Logger User Manual

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Overview EBI 300 series data logger is a battery powered temperature measurement and recording instrument for monitoring temperature sensitive products during transportation. They can be programmed indefinitely, but as soon as the measurement is running, they can´t be restarted. The logger has a USB-interface for connecting directly to a computer or USB-printer. When connecting the logger to a USB-port a PDF file with a chart of all recorded measurement values and the alarm status (limit violations) will be automatically generated. The PDF file can be opened, printed or archived without any other...

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Safety instructions Do not use the device in explosive areas. Danger of death! Do not use the device in an environment hotter than 60°C! The lithium battery may explode! Do not expose the unit to microwave radiation. The lithium battery may explode! To ensure the logger is water tight, the protective cap must be fit or an external probe must be connected.

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Unpacking / Package Contents After receipt of delivery, please check the equipment for any damage. Furthermore, please verify that the delivery corresponds to your order. Scope of Delivery The delivery includes: 10 EBI 330 temperature data loggers, each with battery, protective cap and a label, on which the device type, serial number, bar code and temperature limits are printed. Should you have a complaint for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact us: ebro Electronic GmbH Peringerstraße 10

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Configuration The loggers can be ordered preconfigured. As long as the measurement hasn´t started yet, it is possible to reconfigure it any time. The configuration options are, among others: Measurement interval Upper temperature limit Lower temperature limit Alarm delay Start delay Time zone Language of the PDF-file You can apply these settings by downloading the free of charge software Winlog.basic from http://www.ebi330.com and using the software to program the device. Please refer to its user manual. Naturally, the loggers are supported by the proprietary softwares Winlog.light and Winlog.pro...

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Start / Stop The logger is started by pushing the start/stop-button for at least three seconds. CAUTION! The device can only be started once! Depending on the set start delay, the device starts to measure immediately or after a few minutes. It will continue to measure and store temperature data according to the set interval, until the data memory is full (up to 6000 values), the battery empty (lasts for at least 100 days), or the device is being stopped. To stop the logger, again push the button for at least three seconds. Alternatively, remove the protective cap and plug the device into a USB-slot...

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LEDs The logger has a green and a red LED. When pushing the start/stop button, the LED will flash as long as you keep the button pushed - red for start, green for stop. Start and stop, respectively, are confirmed by triple blinking of the LED. As soon as the logger is started, the green LED will blink every five seconds. This will continue until the logger is being stopped, the battery is empty, or a temperature limit has been violated. Should any of temperature limits be violated for longer than the configured alarm delay, the logger will blink red instead of green every five seconds. This will...

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PDF As soon as the logger is plugged into a USB-slot, it automatically creates a PDF-file, which is saved on a USBdrive, similar to the ones of USB-sticks. The file can easily be copied from there. The file has a lot of information to the measurement – the logger configuration, statistic data to and a chart of the measurement, and possible alarms. Thus, all relevant data can be viewed in one glance. To display the PDF-file, a PDF-reader software is required. It is not included in the delivery.

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Battery The battery of the EBI 330-T30 loggers lasts for at least 100 days, independently from application temperature and the measurement interval. The battery of the EBI 330-T85 loggers lasts for at least 100 days. In neither logger version you can replace the battery. Cleaning and maintenance Please use a damp cloth to clean the logger. Do not use a solvent, such as acetone, in order to avoid corrosion of the plastic. If the device will no longer be used, please dispose of the device in a suitable and environmental-friendly manner. User manual EBI 330

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Technical Data Calibration: batch calibration Weight: 16 g (incl. battery) Power supply: Lithium-cell (CR2032), 3V

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Operating temp.: Storage temperature: Power supply:

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Approvals The conformity certificate confirms that this product complies to CE guidelines 2004/108 EG. The product EBI 330 complies to the guidelines in accordance with EN 12830. Suitability: S (Storage), T (Transport) Location: C (Food storage and distribution systems), D (Food Transport Vehicles) Accuracy classification: 1, for measurement of the air temperature

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Type (fappareil: Conformity declaration ebro Electronic GmbH erklart inallBiniger Vaantwoftung, dassdas Produkt declares in sole responsibility that the product de- c lara sous sa seule raspcnsabi HtB quB IB prod uit Data Logger Type: EBI 330 ErregistrcLr Models: auf dassichdiese Erklar Ling bezieht, milder folgenden Richtlinie to which this declaration refers, complies with the following guideline: auquel cette declaration se r&ere, est conforme aux directive SCHWILLE Elektronik Predictions- u. Vertriebs GmbH Robert Teich Geschafftsfu hrer Managing director DiractBur ge/ant

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