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Winlog.basic www.ebro.com . 10 erstr mbH · ebro Electronic · Pering Winlog.light www.ebro.com mbH · ebro Electronic · Pering Winlog.pro www.ebro.com Evaluation Software FOR PROGRAMMING AND READOUT OF EBRO DATA LOGGERS mbH · ebro Electronic · Pering

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Evaluation Software for ebro Data Loggers For programming and readout of ebro data loggers and for evaluating the measurement values ebro offers three different software versions: the free Winlog.basic, the standard software Winlog.light and the p ­ rofessional software Winlog.pro. Benefits • Easy installation • Easy programming of the data loggers, no prior knowledge required • Extensive and custom report generation • Suitable for all applications • Security by compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Extensive Report Generation­ The software makes it easy to generate standard and custom reports: •...

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Supported data logger families Win log. basic    Win log. light    Win log. pro Localized Languages The software version Winlog.basic, Winlog.light and Winlog.pro are available in the following languages: •    German    •    Italian    •    Japanese

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The Different Software Versions at a Glance www.ebro.com t ols ng 5I 05 · 85 . 10 erstr TW G mbH · ebro Electronic · Pering . 10 erstr mbH · ebro Electronic · Pering The easy to use, free software • User friendly: intuitive and easy to use • Contains all the features of Winlog.basic • Graphical and numerical display of measurement data • Data import from other ebro application programs • Protocol print (with printer and computers) • Many standard reports • Scan and enlarge of the measurement data • Data export to Microsoft® Excel and PDF • Displays statistics on measurement data (e.g. MIN/MAX,...

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For more information please contact us at the following telephone number: Winlog.pro www.ebro.com . 10 erstr mbH · ebro Electronic · Pering Winlog.pro The professional software • Contains all the features of Winlog.basic and Winlog.light • Enables real-time monitoring with wireless data loggers • Formula editor for calculating the F0-value of the absolute humidity, the PE value etc. • Display oft the timeline either absolute or relative • Customized definition of individual areas possible (with their own statistics and calculations) • Including calibration tool for data loggers • Integration of...

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ebro Electronic WTW GmbH Peringerstr. 10 85055 Ingolstadt Tel +49 841 95478-0 Fax +49 841 95478-80 Internet: www.ebro.com E-Mail: ebro@xyleminc.com All names are registered tradenames or trademarks of WTW GmbH. Technical changes reserved. © 2013 WTW GmbH.

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