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TIC 100
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We open up new vistas DEFECTS WILL BE VISIBLE AND ASSESSABLE Testing of electrical and mechanical systems Diagnostic device for industrial & mechanical trade Air conditioning technology Building inspe

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Thermal Imaging Camera TIC 100 The world of thermal images Typical applications The imaging method for displaying surface temperatures of objects or a body is called thermography. The measure of the temperature is the intensity of the infrared radiation emanating from a point. In short Thermography is a non-contact imaging process. Thermal imaging cameras are used in many applications today. In order to evaluate this information, the thermal imager was developed. ­nvisible I to the human eye infrared radiation is converted by the thermal imager into electrical signals and generates an image in...

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The power of the Thermal imager TIC 100 • The infrared camera with micro SD memory shows contactless in less than one second temperature points (hot or cold) Pinpoint temperature measurement Provides heat sources and critical temperatures in a quick and safe manner Rapid fault diagnosis with thermal images The thermal imaging allows for optimal evaluation of defects Ease of use through an easily understandable menu navigation Measurement technology allows to measure with a safe distance from the objects to the imager Robust design with ergonomic design made for improved use Particularly suitable...

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Technical Data: Measuring range ±2% from measured value, or ±2 °C (4 °F) Factory calibration certificate Spectral Range Emissivity Range 0.95 default – adjustable between 0.10 and 1.00 Acoustic Alarm High Alarm Level Operation Temperature Operation Humidity Storage Temperature Intensity adjustable Protection Class Housing Material Battery Type Typical battery Lifetime Image format Image size Factory certificate Each thermal imager TIC 100 is supplied with a calibration certificate. Thermal Imaging Camera TIC 100 incl. carrying case, micro SD-card and USB-cable Calibration is a process where data...

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