PC Audiometer 600M - 2 Pages

Audiometer 600 M
600 M, the excellence of the screening
> One simple and single connection : to your PC, with a USB link

One single software, designed to be easy to install, to be comprehensive and to be operated :
Interactive and intuitive
Without limitation of installation number and of validity duration
Manual and automatic programmable modes
Optimization of the tests, configuration of scenarioes
Rapid execution (keyboard, mouse, personalization of programs)
Data banks, creation of patient files, saving, printing, exporting
> Ultra portable
> Truly performant
> In compliance with medical regulations : approved CE 0459 (Directive 93/42/CEE)

PC Audiometer 600M
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    > PC - AUDIOMETER600 MThe flexibility of the software allows an adaptation of its application to the different Medecines and apersonalization of the...
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