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Heating Cords & Tapes HT & HC Series for surface heating - 4 Pages

Heating Cords & Tapes
HT & HC Series for surface heating
The HT and HC series of Heating Tapes and Cords are a
range of flexible resistance heater elements for use in
a wide range of commercial/industrial surface heating
applications. Once the Heating Tape /Cord has been
installed around the item to be kept at an elevated
temperature, it is recommended that it is connected to one
of Electrothermal’s MC controllers.
Page 38
HC1 glass fibre cords
Page 39
HT7 and HT9 glass fibre tapes
Page 40
HC5 quartz fibre cords
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Electrothermal Catalogue

Heating Cords & Tapes HT & HC Series for surface heating
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    HC1Key FeaturesGlass fibre cords• For high wattage applications• Operational temperature range up to 450ºCHC1 Glass Fibre Cords are...
  3. P. 3

    Key Features Key features of both the HT7 and HT9 series Glass Fibre Tapes • Operational temperature range up to 450°C •...
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    HC5Key FeaturesQuartz fibre cords• For high temperature, high wattage applicationsHC5 Quartz Fibre Cords are ideal for indoor use for dry metal• ...
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