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F-DGSi EXPERTISE IS DEFINED BY ALWAYS OUR ONE STEP AHEAD! WE DESIGN A NEW MODULAR SOLUTION THAT CAN FULFILL THE NEEDS OF ANY GC LABORATORY’S NEEDS. THIS NEW SOLUTION ALLOWS YOU TO ADD MULTIPLE GENERATORS AS YOUR GAS AND ANALYSIS DEMANDS CHANGE. WHY” MODULAR ALLIANCE”? • Modular system offering a GC gas supply solution specific to your lab • Stackable design allowing you to save space in the lab • Combinations available for single and Multiple GC applications • Very low maintenance throughout the range without opening any covers • Touch screen display showing the status of the system with auto-diagnostics in case of alarms • PEM technology with double gas column dryer regeneration for H2 • PSA fast purity for UHP Nitrogen • Unique USB port allowing remote control system for multiples modules « Modular Alliance » Gas Generators LAB GAS GENERATORS 8, 10 rue du Bois Sauvage, bat Q18 - 91000 Evry France Tél. : +33(0)1 64 98 21 00 - Fax. : +33(0)1 64 98 00 43 Email : One step ahead ! POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS WE MAKE THEM JUGGLE... THEN WE SAVE SPACE AND REPLACE “UGLY-LOOKING” INSTRUMENTS BY FASHIONABLE DESIGN Customers choose F-DGSi as their partner for Analytical gas systems, because, simply, we know labs. The lab is a unique environment demanding reliability, safety, accuracy and more functionality in control. The “Modular Alliance” Gas Generators incorporates the latest technologies available, in a sleek and appealing design in order to grow with your lab. ALLIANCE, the partnership that keeps the gas flowing. CONCEPTION - IMPRESS

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STANDARD OR HIGH PURITY GAS GENERATORS HYDROGEN SERIE ND-H2 / STANDARD ANALYSIS SOLUTION Hydrogen purity THIS IS WHY F-DGSI OFFERS A STANDARD ANALYSIS GAS GENERATOR AS WELL AS A HIGH PURITY ANALYSIS GAS GENERATOR SOLUTION. HIGH PURITY HYDROGEN SERIE WM-H2 / SENSITIVE ANALYSIS SOLUTION Hydrogen purity Suitable for Carrier Gas and Flame Gas at low detection limits Proven PEM Technology to generate Hydrogen safely and reliably Auto drying dessicant columns to ensure highest level of purity Automatic water refill as standard Maintenance limited to replacing water filter Small and stackable Creates...

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