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Catalogue CCT GB 258 00 - 466 Pages

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Catalogue CCT GB 258 00
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Catalog excerpts

made in Italy Storage Systems

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FAMI POLSKA FAMI HANDELS GmbH FAMI DEUTSCHLAND FAMI ARGENTINA FAMI DEUTSCHLAND Lager Systeme GmbH Riedweg, 14 89340 Leipheim, Germany phone: +49 8221 - 27870 fax: +49 8221 - 278727 - FAMI AG Betriebs-und Lagereinrichtungen Industrie Sud 8573 Siegershausen, Switzerland phone: +41/71 - 6991914 fax: +41/71 - 6991912 -

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FAMI SHANGHAI FAMI POLSKA Sp. z o.o. Ul. Wielkopolska, 3 E 26-100 Radom, Polska phone: +48/48 - 3845850 fax: +48/48 - 3845851 FAMI HANDELS GmbH Triester Strasse, 136 1230 Wien Austria phone: +43/1 - 6629889 fax: +43/1 - 662988915 - FAMI (Shanghai) Storage Co., Ltd. 388 Yingxiu Rd-Qingpu District, 201700 Shanghai, P.R. China phone: (86) 21 - 59291558 fax: (86) 21 - 59291562 - FAMI ARGENTINA STORAGE COMPAT SA Panamericana Km. 47.500 Colectora Oeste, ramal Escobar Ciudad Escobar, Buenos Aires - Argentina -...

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ABOUT US Fami was founded as a specialist industrial furnishing manufacturer. Over the years, considerable resources and energy have been invested in growing our professional skills, establishing an impressive network of contacts and transforming research and materials into highly functional, innovative and top quality products. Fami is a solid business organisation with a number of production divisions operating from a location of 230 thousand square meters, buildings of 95 thousand square meters and employs over 400 people. We have six subsidiaries abroad, in Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland,...

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OUR MINDSET WE INVENT Awareness of the requirement for bespoke solutions, or putting our customer’s ideas in to practice is our goal. Travel, observing the places we pass through with a curious eye, ready to be amazed and to grasp the sensations that will lead to intuitions of practical value. Travel, making observations in the places we visit , understanding the new environments give us the intuition to create a practical solution. WE DESIGN With computerized systems that enable us to view objects right to their core, with the craftsman’s obsessive attention to detail, we create and re-create...

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WHA WE USE T PLASTIC A material that evokes the idea of modernity thanks to its ductility and versatility, symbolizes the Italian flair for synthesis and invention; for container manufacture, it has largely replaced the metal so fashionable in the sparkling post-War years. Labour-saving shapes, carefully styled details and fine finishing are just some of the aspects that come to the fore with this material, not to mention the spectrum of colour that can be applied. Every product is inspected and checked with care before delivery to the customer. METAL Sheet metal is without a doubt the foundation...

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PRODUCTION PROCESSES PLASTIC A blend of various “grains” and colors, heated to produce a smooth, malleable mix, it is injected into the mold to take on the required shape and become a box, a trim or a mechanical component. This process can be modulated by varying a myriad of parameters, skilfully managed with passion by the Fami staff. The molding machines and molds, the heart of the production process, are interlinked by means of silos, roller ways, inspection stations, and technical and sales information that makes up the company’s value chain. Before being placed on the market, every product...

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STOREVAN Store Van was founded in 2003 to respond to the very precise market of fitting out and customization of commercial vehicles. Store Van, with its dedicated design and production departments, is as innovative as Fami, whose philosophy and managerial approach it shares. Store Van operates all over Italy and Europe and has set its sights on continued expansion. As a brand of the Fami Group, the flexibility of its products is a source of pride within the industrial group and helps ensure its position as a solid partner for its customers. Increased production efficiency and high quality yield...

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FURGOMARKET FURGOmarket is a Fami S.r.l. registered trademark that promotes the online sale of vans, trucks and other commercial vehicles, working with the industry’s best dealers and experts. All the dealers selected by FURGOmarket in cooperation with the auto manufacturers are able to publish their advertisements, to provide customers greater security when purchase a van on the FURGOmarket portal. Choose FURGOmarket! You will find official advertising campaigns by the best automotive producers relating not only to the vehicles themselves but also to their internal and external fittings. A complete...

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GAM GonzagArredi Montessori mantained the commercial structure of the cooperative company, and produces today equipment and furnitures for kids in infant toddlers, kindergartens, schools, libraries, day care, and Montessori educational materials. The company has always worked in cooperation with university professors and experts in the field of furniture and education. New range of products, efficiency and the ability to respond to custom requests are essential characteristics in order to supply adequately schools and cultural or social buildings. Montessori Materials are recognised and approved...

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SHELVING SYSTEMS TROLLEYS 222 - 261    262 - 275

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MASTER The idea was born in 2009: to reinvent the concept of the cabinet. To reinvent something you have to reinvent yourself. Fami has rethought its own Research & Development department with mechanical and electronic engineers specialized in automation and project industrialization. Drawer cabinet is designed to satisfy and adapt to customer needs. A product featuring unrivalled accuracy in production processes. A perfect combination of technology and functionality aimed at optimising workflows.

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CABINET MASTER The care involved in the technical, technological and aesthetical design is the absolute uniqueness of this cabinet. This is the cabinet that contains more innovation, more efficiency, more patents. TECHNOLOGY SVtOGIK smart solutions The new Sylogik® technologies used in the cabinet requires a manufacturing and operational precision never seen before. A result that is obtained with a series of investments: ■ New automated lines ■ Regeneration of existing lines ■ Development of special machines VERTEBRATE BAR It is the heart and the brain of the system. It is the anti-tilt bar with...

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