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Catalogue MASTER - 280 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

ABOUT US Fami was founded as a specialist industrial furnishing manufacturer. Over the years, considerable resources and energy have been invested in growing our professional skills, establishing an impressive network of contacts and transforming research and materials into highly functional, innovative and top quality products. Fami is a solid business organization with a number of production divisions operating from a location of 230 thousand square meters, buildings of 95 thousand square meters and employs over 400 people. We have six subsidiaries abroad, in Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland,...

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WHERE WE ARE FAMI S.R.L. BRANCHES DISTRIBUTORS FAMI S.R.L. Via Stazione Rossano, 13 36027 Rosà (VI) - ITALY phone: + 39 0424 585455 fax: +39 0424 585470 EXPORT DEPARTMENT phone: +39 0424 585455 fax: +39 0424 585472 FAMI DEUTSCHLAND Lager Systeme GmbH Riedweg, 14 89340 Leipheim, Germany phone: +49 8221 - 27870 fax: +49 8221 - 278727 - FAMI AG Betriebs-und Lagereinrichtungen Industrie Süd  8573 Siegershausen, Switzerland phone: +41/71 - 6991914  fax: +41/71 - 6991912 - www.fami-ag.

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FAMI POLSKA Sp. z o.o. Ul. Wielkopolska, 3 E 26-100 Radom, Polska phone: +48/48 - 3845850 fax: +48/48 - 3845851 FAMI HANDELS GmbH Triester Strasse, 136 1230 Wien Austria phone: +43/1 - 6629889 fax: +43/1 - 662988915 - FAMI (Shanghai) Storage Co., Ltd. 388 Yingxiu Rd-Qingpu District, 201700 Shanghai, P.R. China phone: (86) 21 - 59291558 fax: (86) 21 - 59291562 - FAMI ARGENTINA STORAGE COMPAT SA Panamericana Km. 47.500 Colectora Oeste, ramal Escobar Ciudad Escobar, Buenos Aires - Argentina - (1625) phone:...

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Store Van was founded in 2003 to respond to the very precise market of fitting out and customization of commercial MIAL is a team of young professionals who have succeeded, day by day, in meeting the needs of the sales sector in a dynamic, flexible, versatile way, offering a selection of articles chosen for their high Store Van, with its dedicated design and production departments, is as innovative as Fami, whose philosophy and quality and their compliance with Italian and European standards. A new way of working more closely managerial approach it shares. Store Van operates all over Italy and...

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GonzagArredi Montessori mantained the commercial structure of the cooperative company, and produces today FURGOmarket is a Fami S.r.l. registered trademark that promotes the online sale of vans, trucks and equipment and furnitures for kids in infant toddlers, kindergartens, schools, libraries, day care, and Montessori other commercial vehicles, working with the industry’s best dealers and experts. educational materials. All the dealers selected by FURGOmarket in cooperation with the auto manufacturers are able to publish their advertisements, to provide customers greater security when purchase...

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Awareness of the need for solutions tailored to requirements, or the story of an idea waiting to be put With computerized systems that enable us to view objects right to their core, with the craftsman’s into practice is our guiding philosophy when we visit our customers. Travel, observing the places we obsessive attention to detail, we create and re-create virtual objects that must be high-performing, at- pass through with a curious eye, ready to be amazed and to grasp the sensations that will lead to intu- tractive and, foremost, efficient. We develop and design customized systems for all logistical...

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Sheet metal is without a doubt the foundation on which FAMI’s destiny has been built, and the key to Wood has always been a living material, and as such, it must be handled with great care during pro- our success. Originally processed with rudimentary hand tools, over time it began to be cut, shaped and assem- cessing. In-depth knowledge is required to choose the correct cutting direction, the right equipment to bled by the brute force of the first presses, but now, with the advent of electronics, it undergoes innovative pro- shape it, and the appropriate coatings to make the most of all its characteristics. duction...

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PRODUCTION PROCESSES Making full use of the possibilities of leading-edge technology, both automation and production management and Woodworking is also highly mechanized, using a numerically controlled machining center which pro- focusing above all on the dynamics of “best practice” are the key resources of a successful company. cesses the piece to obtain the component required in a series of programmed operations. The metal division has all the equipment needed to transform a plain sheet of metal into a finished, functioning item: The wood is moved to the processing line presses, where robots...

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METAL COLOURS Choosing the color you want is very easy. It is enough to replace the two final digits of the item number (04) with the digits for the desired color, among the options below. ATTENTION: The cabinet solutions presented in this catalog are in blue color RAL 5012. ADDITIONAL CHARGE PLASTIC COLOURS To choose a color for the plastic different from the standard Dark Grey is sufficient to match the version of the article without kit plastic kit of the desired color, among the options set out in the tables. ATTENTION: Cabinet solutions presented in this catalog are plastic Dark Grey. ADDITIONAL...

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MASTER CABINET DEPTH 2 = 27 EH 3 = 36 EH ARTICLE TYPE A = cabinet R = cabinet with wheels D = double cabinet LOCKING Mechanical System see page 12 - 13 Electronic System see page 14 - 17 PLASTIC COLOUR 10 = dark grey Famimaster DRAWER SOLUTION Example: cabinet 18x27 Eh 700 mm high with a mechanical lock. Blue RAL 5012. ART.    VERSION

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FAMI MASTER MECHANICAL SYSTEM The transmission system from the cylinder of the lock to the head of the locking bar is a steel cable with elastic sheath with a linear movement. Compared to conventional fixed mounted locking systems using a square rod with rotary movement, this mechanism is independent of the parallelism of the position of the cylinder head relative to the head of the locking bar. This allows the designer to place the cylinder lock in the most convenient place on the cabinet. Cylinder Lock: Pressing against a return drum. Compared to conventional systems where the cylinder is directly...

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