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RESPONDER PRODUCTS EMERGENCY CARE | MILITARY | CIVILIAN • Carbon Fiber Tubing: Corrosion resistant, temperature stabile, extremely high strength to weight ratio, • 4:1 Pulley Traction System: precise traction for adults and pediatrics. The V- Jam cleat makes it easy to readjust traction, and includes safety clip to prevent accidental releases. • 2 CT-EMS Traction Splints in ONE Ankle Hitch Carry Case CT-EMS Bilateral Splints CARBON LEG TFRACTION SPLINT TECHNOLOGY The CT-EMS is a Leg Traction Splint designed for Pre Hospital Care and Patient transport. It is primarily used on patients with mid-line femur fractures. The CT-EMS helps relieve patient pain and prevents further damage to surrounding muscle and tissue while reducing the risk of death caused from severed arteries. The CT-EMS is made of carbon tubing which snaps together via an internal bungee. Traction is achieved with a 4 to1 pulley system using a small line to apply tension. This method results in a very precise and delicate form of traction that is also powerful enough to be effective on extra large adults. The CT-EMS is extremely compact, light and strong. FareTec Inc Responder Products SPECIFICATIONS:_ n ■ -ii /i/in-7-7 Size/weight: Colors: Materials: USA * 6"x8"x12"in. • Orange Straps * Carbon fiber tubing WWW.FareTeC.COm • 2.2 LBS • Black Carbon poles * Nylon webbing WWW.ReSpOnderPrOdUCtS.com . B|ueBag . -Aluminum/Plastic buckle

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