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Catalogue excerpts

FareTec, Inc. is a medical device manufacturer founded in 1991. Our facility is located in Painesville OH, 20 miles East of Cleveland. We specialize in devices for pre-hospital care both in the civilian and military markets. For many years the company's primary focus has been on splints and various immobilization devices. The QD-4 hare style leg traction splint, has been an industry standard along with our ladder splints and utility splints. FareTec, Inc. has evolved in the 21st century by introducing the CT-EMS/CT-6 leg traction splint, LifeBox50 and the FS-3 Utility splint. These items represent...

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CONTENTS: PAGE 3: CT-EMS Carbon Traction Leg Splint (Civilian) PAGE 4: CT-6 Tactical/Military Carbon Traction Leg Splint PAGE 5: EL2000 Civilan Patient Transport Device PAGE 6: EL3000 Military Patient Transport Device (WLC) PAGE 7: LifeBox50 Civilian; Temperature Controlled Container Series PAGE 8: LifeBox50 Military; Temperature Controlled Container Series PAGE 9: QD-4 Adult & Pediatric HARE Traction Leg Splint PAGE 10: FareTec Redi Splint & Wire Ladder Splint PAGE 11: FastSet-3 Fiberglass Moldable Utility Splint PAGE 13: H&H Bolin Chest Seal PAGE 14: H&H Chest Wound Kit & Combat Eye Shield PAGE...

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CARBON LEG TRACTION SPLINT TECHNOLOGY The CT-EMS is a Leg Traction Splint designed for Pre Hospital Care and Patient transport. It is primarily used on patients with mid-line femur fractures. The CT-EMS helps relieve patient pain and prevents further damage to surrounding muscle and : tissue while reducing the risk of death caused from severed arteries. The CT-EMS is made of carbon tubing which snaps together via an internal bungee. Traction is achieved with a 4 to1 pulley system using a small line to apply tension. This method results in a very precise and delicate form of traction that is also...

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TACTICAL LEG TRACTION SPLINT TECHNOLOGY The CT-6 has been designed for tactical and military use. The main difference between this and the CT-EMS is the color layout of the materials. The CT-6 and all of its straps are black and on the military version, the Ischial strap utilizes a Cobra buckle. Over 25,000 units currently in use around the world in various militaries. This product is 1 extremely well tested. Each CT-6 contains everything that is needed, including synch bag, instruction manual, ankle hitch and leg straps; all of which are easily replaceable with their parts are attached to the...

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EL3000 MILITARY NATO WHEELED LITTER CARRIER The Litter Carrier is a light, stable device, equipped with two large non-pneumatic wheels designed for transporting injured persons on rugged terrain. These flat-free tires keep the unit mobile at all times, without the need for an air pump. When the supporting legs are in the transport position the patient is easily moved by one or two persons. When the supporting legs are in the static position, the litter carrier is a steady and stable support for the patient. When not in use, the Litter Carrier is easily folded to a compact size for storage. The...

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EL2000 CIVILIAN PATIENT TRANSPORT DEVICE Currently in service by all branches of the US Military and foreign military units around the world; this product is extremely well refined and tested. Its versatility lies in its ability to fit all sized litters and backboards. The EL2000 is also used by the National Forest Service, the Federal Prisons Bureau, airports, fire stations and other civilian medical facilities across the country. The following accessories are available for military and civilian models: - Exam Light, LED - IV Pole, carbon fiber - Storage Bag - Mayo Tray, height adjustable - Dual...

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CLIMATE CONTROLLED CONTAINER SERIES The next generation of EMS transport containers is here. The LifeBox50 is extremely rugged, requires no power, and can maintain temperature for 30-50 hours. The key lies within the LB50 carbon vacuum insulated panels that produce insulation values of R50; 2x more powerful than anything else on the market. This allows for more payload space and greater efficiency in both hot The LifeBox50 is designed for the First Responder to transport anything they need that is temperature sensitive; without having to worry about a heavy, tethered powered unit. The LB50 is ideal...

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CLIMATE CONTROLLED CONTAINER SERIES The LifeBox50 will maintain what's essential to you at its appropriate temperature. The LB50 eliminates restraints caused by temperature changes over time. The insulation technology, combined with the Pelican Case design, allows each unit to maintain its core temperature for exceptionally long durations. The LB50 has been tested in the harshest environments by both emergency services and the military. The LifeBox50 uses passive cooling sources which require zero energy from a power supply. This eliminates the possibility of a motor failure or breakage of mechanized...

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ADULT & PEDIATRIC TRACTION SPLINT Used by emergency services across the country, the QD line of splint kits has several unique and proprietary features. The "Hex Lock" system allows the splint to be quickly adjusted to any length- Once it has been sized appropriately, the intuitive locking mechanism is engaged by turning the Hex Lock to either side. It's fast, easy and reliable. This system helps eliminate problems with dirt or corrosion which cause other splints to malfunction. It has become an industry standard for patients requiring Hare style traction splinting. The QD-4 splint will adjust...

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REDI SPLINT FARETEC UTILITY SPLINT The Redi Universal Splint is a moldable utility splint that can be used on a wide range of injuries. It provides strong and supportive immobilization for fractured limbs. The splint uses "dead soft" aluminum that allows it to be molded as necessary. Unlike many utility splints on the market, the Redi-Splint uses closed cell, cross linked Volara Foam. This foam will not irritate the skin and is easy to clean Used around the world by: EMS Personnel, Military Medics, Athletic Trainers, Ski Patrols, Wilderness Rescue, and many more. REDI SPLINT fractured limb. Extremely...

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