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INFU-KTCT® - 5 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Technical sheet IMPLANTABLE TITANIUM PORT WITH CATHETER POWER INJECTABLE DESCRIPTION OF THE IMPLANTABLE PORT: THE INFU-KTCT RANGE: This is a range of implantable titanium ports available either individually or in kit form. Theses access ports are compatible with power injection of contrast medium. The port comprises a body completed with septum connected to a catheter via a locking system. ISO Med currently manufactures 2 types of implantable INFU-KTCT : - The standard INFU-KTCT intravenous ports: IVTXXXXCT, - The low profile INFU-KTCT intravenous port: IVPXXXXCT SPECIFICATIONS PORT REFERENCE CATHETER REFERENCE CATHETER SIZE (French) HIGH PRESSURE REFERENCE NEEDLE REFERENCE COLOR CODE GNSMCT 19XX GNSMCT 20XX GNSMCT 22XX Blanc Jaune Noir MAXIMAL VISCOSITY (mPas)

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Technical sheet IMPLANTABLE TITANIUM PORT WITH CATHETER POWER INJECTABLE COMPOSITION OF THE DEVICE AND ACCESSORIES This device has no latex, no DEHP, no products of animal origin, IRM compatible. Both port and catheter are radiopaque. THE PORT The port is rigid and non-deformable in normal use. It is manufactured from TA6V titanium alloy which is an atoxic and bio-compatible material meeting current ISO 5832-3 standard. It is visible to X-rays. Neither its base nor sides may be punctured by needles used for injections or punctures. It is equipped with a septum that is easily located under the...

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Technical sheet IMPLANTABLE TITANIUM PORT WITH CATHETER POWER INJECTABLE ACCESSORIES ISO Med offers alternative packaging for the INFU-KT ports in order to meet the demands of the users. The implantable INFU-KTCT port is available in two different formats: - individual packaging complete with two Huber needles – IVx xxxxCT in kit form complete with accessories – IVx xxxxKCT Straight Huber needle Curved Huber needle puncture needle "J" Guide .035’’ x 45 cm Peel away introducer Tunneler Vein lifter Flushing connector

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Technical sheet IMPLANTABLE TITANIUM PORT WITH CATHETER POWER INJECTABLE Straight Huber needle Curved Huber needle Puncture needle J Guide: Peel away introducer (PE or PTFE) Tunneler: Vein lifter: Flushing connector PACKAGING INFU-KTCT implantable catheter ports are individually packaged in a double blister package. This double packaging consists of: - A transparent PVC shell. This guarantees protection to the INFU-KTCT port and allows easy and rapid verification of contents. - A high-resistance Tyvek® opaque cover which is suitable for ethylene oxide sterilisation. The ports in kit form are packed...

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Technical sheet IMPLANTABLE TITANIUM PORT WITH CATHETER POWER INJECTABLE INDICATIONS The implantable INFU-KTCT port with catheter is a sub-cutaneous device which allows repeated medical injections to be carried out or infusions (continuous or not), as well as samples to be taken. It may be used in internal medicine for parenteral nutrition in hospital or hospitalisation at home, in surgery for diseases requiring long duration central vascular access, or in oncology for long duration infusion of corrosive products. It are also For further information about this product, see the notice NUP/INFUKT-INPORT....

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