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Tiny Titan™ Suspension Sleeves A. 194100 Pediatric Suspension Sleeve XS Tan 194101 Pediatric Suspension Sleeve S Tan 194102 Pediatric Suspension Sleeve M Tan 194103 Pediatric Suspension Sleeve L Tan 194104 Pediatric Suspension Sleeve XL Tan 194105 Pediatric Suspension Sleeve XXL Tan B. 194120 Pediatric Suspension Sleeve with Sleeve Strap XS Tan 194121 Pediatric Suspension Sleeve with Sleeve Strap S Tan 194122 Pediatric Suspension Sleeve with Sleeve Strap M Tan 194123 Pediatric Suspension Sleeve with Sleeve Strap L Tan 194124 Pediatric Suspension Sleeve with Sleeve Strap XL Tan 194125...

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Tiny Titan™ Suspension Sleeves Continued.. D. 194150 Pediatric Suspension Sleeve with Lycra Middle XS Black 194151 Pediatric Suspension Sleeve with Lycra Middle S Black 194152 Pediatric Suspension Sleeve with Lycra Middle M Black 194153 Pediatric Suspension Sleeve with Lycra Middle L Black 194154 Pediatric Suspension Sleeve with Lycra Middle XL Black 194155 Pediatric Suspension Sleeve with Lycra Middle XXL Black • 1/8" Neoprene patellar contoured with airtight seams that hold the prosthesis secure. These suggested sizes reflect the average size of children in these age groups.

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MightyMite® Shuttle Locks A. FC100204 MightyMite Cylindrical Housing Modular Shuttle Lock, without Plunger B. FC100202 MightyMite Titanium Pyramid Modular Shuttle Lock, without Plunger C. 125410mm Small Delrin Modular Shuttle Lock Kit, with 1” Plunger 125412mm Small Delrin Modular Shuttle Lock Kit, with 1-1/2” Plunger Features • Small, rugged design for active lightweight amputees • Tested to ISO10328:60kg • Removable locking mechanism for easy service & replacement • Thermoforming or lamination options • Compatible with 22mm endoskeletal systems A 4 B The MightyMite Line C Tested to...

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MightyMite® Shuttle Locks Continued... Accessories (sold separately) 809826 Plunger 1", with 1/4-20 Thread 809826mm Plunger 1", with Ml 0 Metric Thread 809827mm Plunger 1 1/2", with Ml 0 Metric Thread Suggested L-Codes Disclaimer: For reference only. Practitioner must confirm information. L5671 Lower Extremity Locking Mechanism L5940 UltraLight Material (FC100202 Only)

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Distal End Attachments A. FC100114 4 -Hole Adapter, with Medium Titanium Pyramid (60kg/132lbs) B. FC100132 4-Hole Adapter with Rotation (60kg/132lbs) C. FC100150 4 -Hole Distal Attachment Block Kit (60kg/132lbs), Includes Lamination Acccssories D. FC100151 Pediatric 4-Hole Distal Attachment Block (60kg/132lbs) E. FC100134 Rotatable Medium Pyramid Receiver (60kg/132lbs) FC100144 Rotatable Small Pyramid Receiver (45kg/99lbs) Note: The MightyMite® line features two pyramid receivers for distal end attachment. The medium receiver is engineered for the robust 60kg/132lbs rating and should be...

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MightyMite® Knee The MightyMite Knee is a core component of the Fillauer and Hosmer MightyMite Endoskeletal Line. The knee is designed to be rugged and tough enough for the active pediatric amputees in a compact lightweight form, also ideal for geriatric population. A. FC100510 MightyMite 4-Bar Knee with Pyramid Adapter B. FC100500 MightyMite 4-Bar Knee without Proximal Attachment • Choice of 4 proximal attachments • Rugged, compact design with a 132 lb weight rating • Cosmetic Knee center is only 1-5/8" from distal end of socket • 3 different extension assist springs • Gliding, easy to...

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Knee Connection Options A. FC100501 MightyMite® Pyramid Adapter (60kg/132lbs) B. FC100502* MightyMite® Slide Adapter (60kg/132lbs) C. FC100503 MightyMite® 4-Hole Adapter (60kg/132lbs) D. FC100504 MightyMite® Threaded Adapter (60kg/132lbs) E. FC100505 MightyMite® 4-Hole Adapter with Male Dovetail (60kg/132lbs) A B D C E Tested to ISO10328:60kg * These units also adapt to the adult Spectrum Alignment System from Hosmer 8 The MightyMite Line

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Tube Clamps and Connectors FC100122 Tube Clamp Medium Pyramid Aluminum (60kg/132lbs) FC100123 Tube Clamp Medium Pyramid Titanium (60kg/132lbs) FC100124 Tube Clamp Large Pyramid Aluminum (60kg/132lb) Integrated 22mm Pylons with Medium Pryamid FC100118 Aluminum Pylon with Aluminum Adapter (45kg/99lbs) FC100119 Alloy Steel Pylon with Titanium Adapter (60kg/l 32lbs) FC100120 Alloy Steel Pylon with Aluminum Adapter (60kg/l 32lbs) FC100121* AlloySteel Pylon with Adult Pyramid Receiver (60kg/l 32lbs) FC100142 Pylon Tube, Alloy Steel, 400mm (60kg/l 32lbs) FC100140 Pylon Tube, Aluminum, 300mm...

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Foot Plates and Connectors A. FC100110 SACH Foot Adapter, with Medium Titanium Pyramid (60kg/132lbs) Includes SACH Foot Bolt (8mm) B. FC100104 1/4” SACH Foot Growth Compensation Spacer C. FC100102 1/2” SACH Foot Growth Compensation Spacer A B C

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MightyMite® Feet FC100314L MightyMite®® Foot, 14cm, Left FC100314R MightyMite®® Foot, 14cm, Right FC100315L MightyMite®® Foot, 15cm, Left FC100315R MightyMite®® Foot, 15cm, Right FC100316L MightyMite®® Foot, 16cm, Left FC100316R MightyMite®® Foot, 16cm, Right FC100317L MightyMite®® Foot, 17cm, Left FC100317R MightyMite®® Foot, 17cm, Right FC100318L MightyMite®® Foot, 18cm, Left FC100318R MightyMite®® Foot, 18cm, Right FC100319L MightyMite®® Foot, 19cm, Left FC100319R MightyMite®® Foot, 19cm, Right FC100320L MightyMite®® Foot, 20cm, Left FC100320R MightyMite®® Foot, 20cm, Right FC100321L...

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The MightyMite® Endoskeletal Line Fillauer and Hosmer have created a line of robust small componentry tested to 60 kg (132 lbs.); great for larger children, in that “in-between age,” where adult components would be too bulky, but standard pediatric componentry would not be strong enough. The system is optimal for light duty geriatric and petite adult applications where smaller componentry would be beneficial. MightyMite components are based on a standard 22mm pylon system that can allow for integration with other 22mm pylon systems. Through proper selection of components, the MightyMite...

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