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Hosmer Terminal Devices

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We Have Your Solution Hosmer hooks are forged and machined to exacting specifications to provide a high-degree of quality and performance. As a result, Hosmer terminal devices have developed an international reputation for their rugged durability. The wide variety of configurations allows the practitioner to clinically match the patient needs and performance goals to achieve maximum independence. Founded in 1912, Hosmer-Dorrance Corporation continues the tradition of quality, durability, and performance.

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Selecting Your Hook A Standard Hooks Hook measurements refer to the length from the top of the fingers to the base A B of the hook, not including the threaded stud. B Work Hooks For work hooks, the tool tab is not included in the measurement. Titanium Same strength as steel but 40% lighter. Titanium hooks are only 10% heavier than aluminum. Aluminum than stainless steel and adequate 60% lighter strength for light to medium use. A maximum of 5 rubber bands can be used for prehension. Stainless Steel Heavier than aluminum and is customarily for heavy duty use. Rubber bands can be used in...

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Pediatric Hooks These hooks have canted tines for better visual feedback. This allows the user to pick up paper, coins and other small fine objects from the side with ease. The UCLA CAPP TD was designed for children. Made of molded plastic, this terminal device provides a wide palmar face with a tactile, resilient covering allowing a secure hold on odd shapes such as toys. An internal spring provides prehension. The spring can be changed to accommodate a light or heavy prehension. 1 2 4 3 5 6

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Standard Canted Hooks These hooks have canted finger tines for better visual feedback. The canted shape allows the user to pick up paper, coins and other small fine objects from the side with ease. 1 4 2 5 3 6 7

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Lyre Shape Finger Hooks These hooks have symmetrical finger tines for cylindrical grasp on objects, such as bottles, cans and other round objects. 1 1 2 Model 555 Hook Adult Size Length: 5-1/4in / 13.3cm Weight: 4.5oz / 121g Lyre Shape, Aluminum, Nitrile Lined 2 55060 55059 61979 61978 Right Left Right, 12mm Left, 12mm 55063 Right Model 555-SS Hook 55062 Left Adult Size Length: 5-1/4in / 13.3cm Weight: 8.5oz / 241g Lyre Shape, Stainless Steel, Nitrile Lined Nitrile Retreading Retread available for nitrile rubber lined fingers 54950 Nitrile Retreading

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Work Hooks These hooks have canted tynes to allow for a number of applications. The variable openings between the fingers help accommodate the different diameter agricultural tools. All of the work hooks have serrated fingers that provide a more secure holding surface with a distal tab for precision grasp. The tab used on models 7, 7LO, and 6 have a nail slot for holding nails or wire, and an extension designed for holding knives. The square cutout in the guard allows the user to hold square shanked tools such as a screwdriver. The Model 6 Work Hook has a back lock feature that prohibits...

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Variable Force Hooks The APRL and Sierra 2-Load hooks have replaceable lyre shaped fingers and special mechanisms which eliminate the use of rubber bands and permit preselection of pinch force. 1 1 2 2 APRL Voluntary Closing Hook 52601 Right 302-00 52602 Left 302-01 Sierra 2-Load Voluntary Opening Hook 52431 Right 21-00 52432 Left 21-01 Nitrile Retreading 54950 Nitrile Retreading Length: 6-3/8in / 16.2cm Weight: 8.6oz / 243g Nitrile Lined Length: 5in / 12.7cm Weight: 12.5oz / 354g Nitrile Lined Retread available for nitrile rubber lined fingers

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