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Brackets | Bands | Tubes - 12 Pages

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Brackets  |  Bands  |  Tubes
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Catalog excerpts

Brackets | Bands | Tubes Precision engineered and manufactured by G&H® in the U.S.A.

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Seeing to every detail to ensure your success Precision engineering. Quality U.S. manufacturing. At G&H, we are keenly aware of the strict expectations clinicians have for the products we manufacture. For that reason, we employ precision engineering techniques for our brackets, bands and tubes. Whether it’s the Vapor™ bracket shown here, or the other products featured in this brochure, you can be assured you’re using systems that were manufactured with state-of-the-art processes using superior design. Quality management system ISO 13485:2003 & EN ISO 13485:2

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The G&H® Difference – Brackets Orthodontists have trusted G&H for over 40 years of precision U.S. manufacturing. Brackets, tubes, bands, archwires and elastomerics made in the U.S.A. as well as a full line of consumables, adhesives and instruments. Bracket Features State-of-the-art engineering and the highest-quality materials G&H offers a full, synchronized orthodontic system Mini twin design for comfort and control Distinctive compound contoured mesh bonding base for anatomical fit Revolutionary bonding base - adhesive flows through the portals 4 for unprecedented secure bonding and safe debonding...

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miniPrevail® Low-Profile Bracket System Our most preferred metal and ceramic brackets Ceramic Bracket System

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“miniPrevail brackets are high-quality twin brackets. The base and scribe lines make for easy bracket placement. The tie wings allow for easy tie-ins with multiple ligatures if needed, but are strong and comfortable for the patient.” Low-Profile Bracket System Metal Injection Molded Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel (MIM) miniPrevail brackets are constructed of a specialized micro-grain stainless steel MIM powder, ideal for creating small, robust appliances that are inherently stronger and more dimensionally accurate than other similar brackets. CENTER SCRIBE LINE aligns with long axis for accurate...

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“ I love how you can hardly tell I’m wearing braces! I feel more confident to smile, plus they’re comfortable.

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Brackets Vapor™ Ceramic Bracket System Ceramic Injection Molded Polycrystalline (CIM) Vapor’s brilliant translucency presents a totally aesthetic appearance throughout treatment. The smooth, contoured tie wings provide patient comfort and mechanical functionality. The unique bonding base design ensures superior performance and easy, conventional debonding. The unique “portals” in the base allow adhesive to circulate through the base, creating a secure mechanical bond. “The Vapor system provides all the characteristics one would look for in a high-quality ceramic bracket: aesthetics, ease-of-bonding,...

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Buccal Tubes Viper™ Low-Profile Buccal Tubes Metal Injection-Molded Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel (MIM) Because buccal tubes are such a critical element in treating malocclusions, G&H has meticulously engineered a full complement of weldable and bondable, convertible and non-convertible tubes. 4.2MM MESIAL/DISTAL DIMENSION for full rotational control MALLEABLE COMFORT BALL HOOK enhances patient comfort and avoids gingival impingement PERMANENT COLOR ENHANCED I.D. designed with specific geometric indents for each prescription, color-coded on the facial surface to help identify molar quadrants...

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Bands Saturn™ | Titan™ Molar & Bicuspid Bands Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel Whether you are upgrading your current band systems or are just specifications. starting out, G&H has a band system to meet your Manufactured under stringent quality control measures, the precision anatomical shape of our bands provides a tight, secure fit you can count on. Providing a secure fit you can count on! FESTOONED EDGES no sharp edges for maximum patient comfort ANATOMICALLY CONTOURED for fast placement and secure fit, completely proportioned in all planes and for each band size PERMANENTLY ETCHED using an electro-chemical...

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Nearly invisible. Definitely quality. Clear and pearl elastomerics pictured. Want color? G&H also offers a rainbow of 33 colors! 8

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G&H Systems Precision engineered and manufactured by G&H in the U.S.A. (MIM) Surgical stainless steel and (CIM) polycrystalline ceramic brackets - in all popular prescriptions Complete line of contoured molar and bicuspid bands, micro-etched interior for superior bond strength (MIM) Surgical stainless steel, bondable and weldable base options - available in convertible and non-convertible G&H is recognized as the world’s best manufacturer of premium archwires with 99.9% practitioner satisfaction* Full line with consistent strength and force values available in 33 colors Bracket Torque and Angulation...

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Quality Manufacturing. Exceptional Service. Contact G&H for trial offers, FREE Bracket Consultation 2165 Earlywood Drive, Franklin, IN 46131 USA

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