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CryoPen / CryoProbe Series - 44 Pages

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CryoPen / CryoProbe Series
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Catalog excerpts

© CryoPen I CryoProbe Series

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User manual Notice explicative Gebrauchsanweisung 19-26 Gebruikershandleiding 27-34 Instrucciones de uso

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This user manual is applicable for the following products and accessories. Instruments CryoPen ref. CryoProbe ref. CryoPen|b/CryoProbe|b with white/silver applicator S-HO-CBPE-00 [REF] S-HO-CBPR-00 The instrument, the applicator, the tweezers and the user manual come in a hard case for easy transportation. 23,5g N2O cartridges: 1 carton of 12 boxes each box containing 6 cartridges for use with CryoPen|b/CryoProbe|b S-HO-NO23-12-S06 [REF] S-HO-NO23-12-S06-PR Applicators for use with CryoPen|b/CryoProbe|b Blue/silver dot applicator for 1-3 mm applications White/silver dot applicator for 2-6 mm applications Green/silver...

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The above list of products is correct at the time of printing. Some articles may no longer be available when reading this document. Some articles may not be available in certain countries. This manual’s version : 121101CBPEPR CryoPen® is the registered trademark of H&O Equipments nv/sa for Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. Notified Body Number: 0120 EC or Canadian Declaration of Conformity is available and can be obtained upon simple request. CryoProbe™ is the registered trademark of H&O Equipments nv/sa and is distributed under that name in the US and Canada. CryoPen® and CryoProbe™...

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User manual Step 1 I Empty the loading cavity Step 2 I Load a new cartridge Before loading a new cartridge, release any unused gas from the used cartridge by unscrewing the applicator tip followed by pressing the button. Discard the used cartridge. Please ensure that the used filter does not remain inside the cavity. The cartridges are packed in peel-pack blisters with an assembled filter and cartridge opener included. The filters are used for protection of the applicator. The opener punctures the cartridge. CryoPen|b/CryoProbe|b can be used with 23,5g cartridges only. Ensure that the loading...

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Step 4 I Use your CryoPen|b/ CryoProbe|b Remove the applicator cap. Gently squeeze the trigger switch to start the working. Releasing the trigger will close off the flow of cryogenic liquid. You may observe that during 1 or 2 seconds after releasing the trigger, the remaining gas in the applicator is discarded. Important notice • Always gently manipulate all components of CryoPen/CryoProbe instruments. Never use more than gentle hand force. Never use pliers or other tools to manipulate the instrument. Blue dot applicator for applications of 1-3 mm • Incorrect placement of the filter/opener device...

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applicator quickly towards and away from the tissue. Circular and crossing movements have the same effect. Do not hold the CryoPen/CryoProbe applicator still above the lesion. It may flood the area and damage healthy tissue surrounding the lesion. This can cause blisters and pain to patients. Position the CryoPen/CryoProbe for treatment. The instrument must be held vertically with the tip directed downward. An angle of less than 45° must be avoided. Condensation of humidity in the air on the frozen field of the lesion during operation may in some cases create an ice field on top of the lesion....

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freezing cycle the tissue should be allowed to thaw for about 30 seconds followed by a second freeze. Note that the tissue will freeze faster than during the first freezing cycle. This ‘freeze-thaw-freeze’ technique offers the best opportunity for success. You will find this procedure in most literature on cryotherapy. A follow-up visit is recommended after 2 to 4 weeks to confirm that all pathological tissue has disappeared or that a follow-up treatment is necessary. Penetration is 1 mm per 5 seconds. Consequently, treatment of a 3 mm deep lesion will take 15 seconds. A pain signal from the patient...

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Liability waiver Improper use, including excess freezing levels beyond those, which are recommended or for an excessive duration, may result in bodily injury to clients/patients or to operator. H&O Equipments nv/sa and their affiliates, respective directors, officers, shareholders, employees, agents and contractors are not liable or responsible, regardless of whether such liability or responsibility is based on breach of contract, tort, strict liability, breach of warranties, failure of essential purpose, fundamental breach or otherwise, for any death or injury, whether physical or mental, or...

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Ce manuel de l’utilisateur concerne les produits et accessoires suivants: Instruments CryoPen|b/CryoProbe|b avec applicateur blanc/argent L’instrument CryoPen, l’applicateur, la pincette et le manuel sont fournis dans une boîte durable pour son transport confortable. Cartouches Cartouches de 23,5g de N2O: 1 carton de 12 boîtes contenant chacune 6 cartouches pour CryoPen|b/CryoProbe|b Applicateurs pour CryoPen|b/CryoProbe|b Applicateur bleu/argent pour applications sur lésions de 1-3 mm Applicateur blanc/argent pour applications sur lésions de 2-6 mm Applicateur vert/argent pour applications sur...

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La liste ci-dessus des produits est exacte au moment de l’impression. Certains articles peuvent ne plus être disponibles lorsque vous lirez ce document. Certains articles peuvent ne pas être disponibles dans certains pays. CryoPen® est une marque déposée de H&O Equipments nv/sa pour l’Europe, le Moyen-Orient, l’Afrique et l’Asie-Pacifique. La déclaration de conformité CE et canadienne est disponible et peut être obtenue sur simple demande. CryoProbe™ est une marque déposée de H&O Equipments nv/sa et est distribuée sous ce nom aux États-Unis et au Canada. CryoPen® et CryoProbe™ sont le même instrument...

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Notice explicative Étape 1 I Vider la cavité de chargement Étape 2 I Charger une nouvelle cartouche Avant de charger une nouvelle cartouche, libérez tout le gaz non utilisé de la cartouche utilisée en dévissant l’applicateur et en appuyant sur la gâchette. Jetez la cartouche utilisée. Veuillez vous assurer que le filtre utilisé ne reste pas dans la cavité. Les cartouches sont emballées sous blister pelable contenant également un filtre assemblé à un perforateur de cartouche. Les filtres sont utilisés pour la protection de l’applicateur. Le perforateur perce la cartouche. CryoPen|b/CryoProbe|b...

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