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Excellence in cryotherapy made affordable. With 23.5g cartridges, this instrument is well equipped for the treatment of verrucae in GP practice. 2 applicators : White dot standard and White dot 60 mm. The longer 60mm applicator is especially designed for condyloma treatment. Accuracy at your fingertips. The size of the very elegant CryoProbe|m is coupled with very practical 8g cartridges. 2 applicators: Blue dot and White dot. 4055 Faber Place Drive, Suite 115 North Charleston, SC 29405 Sufficient power at hand. Equipped for the use of very affordable 16g cartridges. Nice to have when power is required. 2 applicators: White dot and Green dot. Cryotherapy at its best. With the possibility to use both 8g and 16g cartridges CryoProbe|x can treat all skin imperfections you will be confronted with in your clinic. 4 applicators : Blue, White, Green and Yellow. Extremely versatile. This version of CryoProbe|x has 2 additionnal longer applicators (60mm) especially for condyloma treatment. 4 applicators : Blue, White, Green and Yellow. 2 applicators 60mm : Blue dot and White dot. Applicator sizes: Cartridges 16g : 200 seconds of constant gas flow. Packaging in box of 6 cartridges. Cartridges 23,5g : 300 seconds of constant gas flow. Packaging in box of 6 cartridges. Email cryoprobe@ho-equipments.com Introducing your New Practice Assistant Penetration of the freezing in tissue is 1mm per 5 seconds. Consequently, the treatment of a 2 mm deep lesion will use 10 seconds of constant gas flow. Cartridges 8g: 100 seconds of constant gas flow. CryoProbe is your direct source for diagnostic and therapeutic Health Care solutions. We invest a great deal of time and effort into research and development to maintain our technological lead.

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Accurate, practical, quick C ryosurgery, of course, is nothing new. It is recognized as THE reference in the ryoProbe’s incredible precision delicately treats even the smallest skin defect dermatology clinic. But to any doctors who’ve struggled with disposable cans of in seconds. With no damage to healthy tissue, if necessary, your patient can now freezing spray, cryoliquid spills, imprecise cotton buds and laborious deliveries of tolerate longer treatment, allowing for deeper freezing and enhanced outcomes. hazardous liquid nitrogen, the CryoProbe is a different proposition all together. Requirement...

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