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h/p/cosmos® rehabilitation catalogue
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Catalogue excerpts

therapy & rehabilitation those who want to learn to walk ... must walk

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run ahead of time!® Dear customers! It is a great privilege for me to introduce this new catalogue about h/p/cosmos systems and application solutions to you. Since the foundation of h/p/cosmos in the year 1988 our corporation has faced motivating challenges in development and distribution of new products, software and systems for sports, rehabilitation and research applications. I personally was always driven and highly motivated by the goals, attitude and demands of so many users worldwide. So frequently I had the chance to see many athletes, patients, therapists, scientists and professional...

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Your patients desire fast and full recovery. They want to enjoy a pain free and healthy life. The result of your work can help to achieve these goals. Of course, while your expertise and experience is essential, the right choice of tools and methodology is important for the success of the therapy. And it must meet the demands from both patients and therapists! Physiologically correct walking is one of the most important therapeutic goals. And those who want to learn to walk ... must walk! Functional gait training for those with a limited ability to walk is only possible with high commitment and...

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treadmill ther physiological gait training - safe and realistic

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treadmill therapy rapy treadmill therapy physiological gait training - safe and realistic early initiation of therapy with body weight support therapeutic freedom by controlling the treadmill from a variety of positions traceable results of treatment by simple documentation

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system solution treadmill therapy treadmill ther physiological gait training - safe and realistic realistic exercises with fall prevention? safe access onto the treadmill from wheelchair? early start to walking exercises - but how? physiological gait training - even with obese patients? secure access even with crutches and out of a wheelchair You know the situation: Some of your patients come on crutches or in wheelchairs to their therapy. The first difficulty will follow immediately when your patients access the treadmill their grip is transferred from the walking aids to the handrail. Wheelchair...

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treadmill therapy rapy early start of therapy with body weight support The course of therapy should start as early as possible and should be enjoyable for both the patient and the therapist. Therefore, body weight support of the patient is necessary in many cases. The patented and individually adjustable h/p/cosmos arm supports allow for this type of weight support and give both stability and safety. Supporting the elbows on the firm but cushioned and U-shaped arm support and additionally holding the two ergonomic hand grips has tremendous positive impact on the comfort of the patient. It psychologically...

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system solution treadmill therapy physiological gait training even with obese patients The correct therapy treadmill must be able to start at very low speeds for obese patients as they can often only walk very slowly. Likewise patients with limited walking ability also need a slow and smooth start without any juddering. The h/p/cosmos mercury® med treadmill is approved for patients weighing up to 200 kg (440 lbs, higher weight possible on request) and the powerful 3.3 kW (4.5 HP) drive motor allows a slow, patient-friendly start at speeds from 0.1 km/h. So all your patients can start their therapy...

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treadmill therapy downhill to success optimal fall prevention through eccentric training Walking downhill is often a difficult exercise for many patients and is frequently avoided. This can lead to accidents later on through lack of practice. Therefore practicing walking downhill in a safer therapeutic environment and utilizing modern accessories is a useful tool for fall prevention. The reverse belt rotation function allows your patients to practice their downhill walking in a convenient and supervised environment. Eccentric training causes an intense training stimulus. At the same time the demands...

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system solution treadmill therapy recommended configuration treadmill therapy h/p/cosmos mercury® med pos. order number product description running machine h/p/cosmos mercury® med running surface 150 x 50 cm, speed 0 ... 22 km/h, elevation 0 ... 25 %, drive motor 3.3 kW, interface port com1 for PC, ECG, ergospirometry-, blood-pressure monitor system or printer - compatible to most of the systems worldwide, incl. PC software h/p/cosmos para control® for device control and monitoring handrails long, 2 pillars (surcharge) as shown on picture above reverse belt rotation for downhill simulation 2nd...

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running machine: order number: applications: cos30000va08 running for sports, sports medicine, cardiology, rehabilitation, stress tests & medicine. WITH UserTerminal (display & keyboard), MCU5, stand alone and/or remote control via interface. running surface: L: 150 cm (59.05“) W: 50 cm (19.68“) access height H: 18 cm (7.09“) - shock load reduction for the joints - belt surface with non slip material - max. permissible load: 200 kg (440 Ibs) up to 400 kg (880 lbs) on request speed range: 0...22.0 km/h (0...6.1 m/s) (0...13.6 mph) special speed up to 30 km/h on request. 7 levels (3...131 sec. from...

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un-weighting success through adjustable un-weighting

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treadmill therapy with un-weighting treadmill therapy with un-weighting earlier start of treatment in an ergonomic environment optimal therapy through adjustable un-weighting safety and support - also for children traceable results of treatment by simple documentation

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system solution treadmill therapy with un-weighting un-weighting success through adjustable un-weighting physiological gait training - even with children? natural gait even with body weight support? safe access onto the treadmill out of a wheelchair? early start to walking exercises - but how? easy access and stable for large and small Every patient is different: bigger or smaller, different body shapes and of course individual incapacities. Some use wheelchairs, others need crutches and if your patients are children you need a highly flexible and especially motivating treadmill solution. The...

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