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bravo® - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

mobile workstations i\e>N smart and agile equipment cart system light duty

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The smart and agile equipment cart Ideal for bargain hunters: An elegant, low-cost cart for your equipment. The new “bravo” cart model is presented in a light design and has been specially developed for transporting small devices. “bravo” can be used everywhere to accompany the mobile use of small devices; in doctors’ surgeries, dental practices, clinics and beauty studios, and is also ideally suited for presentational devices in offices and for measuring or testing devices in industrial settings. Do you prefer the idea of something special, which meets your particular requirements? A tailor-made...

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bravo - basic cart 5 bravo - basic cart 6    bravo - equipment cart 2

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Computer cart / Tablet cart / Ergometry cart bravo - computer cart 1 bravo - tablet cart 1 bravo - ergometry cart 1 Hygiene carts / Dental cart bravo - hygiene cart 1 bravo - hygiene cart 2 bravo - dental cart 1

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- individual design Individual is our standard. From common ideas, we can also develop your individual cart model. Decorative strips in 3 colours are available as standard. In your order please specify the colour code by adding it as the last digit to the reference number: 6502B accord. to NCS Other colour combinations or individual colours on request.

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mobile workstations Plate, transverse

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