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Mediskop+EUROSKOP x-ray film viewers - 6 Pages

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Mediskop+EUROSKOP x-ray film viewers
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Catalogue excerpts

mobile workstations EUROSKOP * + Mediskop* X-ray film viewers

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EUROSKOP®- X-ray film viewers The X-ray film viewers combine elegant design with modern technology and impress with their quality and impressive optics. Our current EUROSKOP®- appliance series K-LED, KJ-LED and LJ-HF with blinds offer what users demand: Elegant design According to relevant standards Simple and comfortable operation LED devices with energy savings Optimal luminosity regulation and flicker-free, gentle to eyes high frequency illumination for series LJ-HF Standard perlon cord German quality for long service life Maintenance-friendly, hygienic surfaces Top quality for reasonable prices EUROSKOP®...

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EUROSKOP®- appliances with blinds Luminosity and illumination: The appliance series fulfils high demands concerning even illumination and high luminance. All models are equipped with customary daylight tubes or LED technology. Special ballast resistors guarantee low heat dissipation of the X-ray film viewers. The LED technology ensures energy saving up to 50%. Luminosity regulation: Stepless electronic luminosity regulation is part of models K-LED, KJ-LED und LJ-HF. High frequency technology: In operating theatres and all locations were many X-ray films are viewed we recommend appliances with...

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clamp device for insertion into walls Installation sketches clamp device Dimensions for installation in wall niches The appliance types are suitable for insertion into wall niches with sufficient static strength at the right side and left side of the inside niche wall with the following dimensions:

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Mediskop®- appliance series An eye-catcher for your medical office is offered by our Mediskop® appliances 560 and 860 with on/off-switch or the models 560-HF and 860-HF with luminosity regulation and high frequency technology. Modern design Silver-grey aluminium housing Front panel made of acrylic glass Decorative grey corners Even illumination Great luminosity range Film holding rails on all sides Strain-free working due to high frequency

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mobile workstations All appliance series are produced with most modern technologies and comply with all relevant standards. Detailed information on the individual models can be found in the X-ray film viewers price list. We fulfil your special requests: • Special varnishing in all RAL-colours • Special voltages Our consultation team is at your service to answer any questions on our products. HAEBERLE GmbH + Co. KG Your medical distributor    Breitwiesenstr. 13, DE-70565 Stuttgart

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