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Picco Novo - linen and waste collectors

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Picco Novo Picco Novo Picco Novo Linen and waste collectors

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The practical collectors for many applications. Stable, versatile, hygienic and practical - whether they are used to collect linen or separate recycling and waste Practical collectors for many applications. Whether the linen or waste collectors, shelved trolleys or service carts for doctors‘ practices, clinics, nursing homes, hotels and offices – the Picco Novo generation is presentable. Depending on the quantities you require, choose the single model of 60 liters or up to four collectors, respectively the space-saving large capacity model of 120 liters with its practical design. Picco Novo...

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Linen and waste collectors Picco Novo 60  / l Steel, white aluminum Steel, white aluminum Stainless steel Stainless steel Steel, white aluminum Stainless steel Steel, white aluminum Stainless steel

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Picco Novo Picco Novo 120 Q - large capacity Steel, white aluminum Stainless steel Steel, white aluminum Stainless steel Steel, white aluminum Stainless steel Service trolleys Fresh linen and multi-purpose trolley Service trolley with linen compartment Steel frame, white aluminum

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Customised is our standard For maximum mobility in the workplace Since 1933, our company has been employing smart ideas and applying practical solutions to develop countless innovative product lines in the area of equipment and multipurpose carts. These have been marketed worldwide with great success. With our products and solutions, we guarantee maximum mobility, flexibility and reliability in the workplace. This means everyone can focus fully and completely on their own work. We consistently implement the basic modular idea to develop practical solutions. The wide variety of standard...

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System parts and accessories Plastic lid for Picco Novo models 60 I / II / III Plastic lid for Picco Novo model 120 Q Pedal device made of stainless steel Holder for hygiene bags Plastic bags with pulling strip for collector 60 ltr. Stickers set for waste separation Additional system components and accessories can be found in the Picco Novo price list. Your medical distributor HAEBERLE GmbH + Co. KG Breitwiesenstr. 13, DE-70565 Stuttgart P.O.Box 800524, DE-70505 Stuttgart Phone +49 (0) 711 78314-0 Fax +49 (0) 711 78314-77 info@haeberle-med.de www.haeberle-med.de

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