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toro - equipment cart system heavy duty - 6 Pages

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toro - equipment cart system heavy duty
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Catalog excerpts

toro equipment cart system Heavy duty

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The robust and striking equipment cart system Makes a lasting impression in hospitals and medical practices This modular cart system is impressively robust and combines striking design with extremely high stability. Due to considerable capacity, toro meets stringent requirements as a mobile support system for compact device combinations – serving as a base cart, equipment cart, ergometer cart, endoscopy cart, emergency cart or computer cart, to name just a few examples. The toro carts are available in widths of 450 or 630 mm and have decorative elements in grey or blue. They can be adapted to...

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Equipment carts Basic carts / Equipment carts toro 63 basic cart Ref. no. 2048.1 toro 45 equipment cart 1 Ref. no. 2078.1 toro 45 equipment cart 2 Ref. no. 2028.1 toro 63 computer cart 3 Ref. no. 2081.1 toro 63 computer cart 4 Ref. no. 2083.1 Computer carts toro 63 computer cart 1 Ref. no. 2075.1

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Endoscopy carts toro 63 endoscopy cart 2 Ref. no. 2056.1 toro 63 endoscopy cart 3 Ref. no. 2085.1 toro 45 endoscopy cart 4 Ref. no. 2086.1 Ergometry cart / Emergency cart / Anaesthesia cart toro 45 ergometry cart Ref. no. 2037.1 toro 63 emergency cart Ref. no. 2073.1 tore 63 anaesthesia cart Ref. no. 2074.1

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Customised is our standard For maximum mobility in the workplace Since 1933, our company has been employing smart ideas and applying practical solutions to develop countless innovative product lines in the area of multipurpose equipment carts. These have been marketed worldwide with great success. With our products and solutions, we guarantee maximum mobility, flexibility and reliability in the workplace. This means everyone can focus fully and completely on their own work. We consistently implement the basic modular idea to develop practical solutions. The wide variety of standard components...

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System parts and accessories Drawer + inset with variable partitions Ref. no. Ref. no. Tray + rail for toro 45 + 63 Pull-out keyboard shelf Cable duct horizontal arm „alegro“ monitor holder on articulated arm „comfort“ back cover for toro 45 and 63 „tomo“ waste collector Undercarriage isolating transformer Reanimation board Holder for oxygen bottle 5 / 10 litres Additional system components and accessories can be found in the toro price list. Your medical distributor HAEBERLE GmbH + Co. KG Breitwiesenstr. 13, DE-70565 Stuttgart Postfach 800524, DE-70505 Stuttgart Telefon +49 (0) 711 78314-0 Telefax...

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