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Variocar® + Variocar® Viva - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

mobile workstations high-quality and upgradeable Variocar + Variocar-Viva Multipurpose trolleys Variocar® Variocar

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The classic and flexible multipurpose trolleys with a licence for subsequent expansions thanks to the patented plug-in system. Variocar®-series The unique and elegant trolley system with chromium plated steel frame in high quality and best processing. Variocar fulfills almost all requirements. Ideally suitable for doctor‘s practices, cosmetic studios, clinics, rehabilitation centers ...and more. Variocar® Viva series Following the trend of airy furnishing designs the Variocar Viva trolleys are provided with an elegant aluminium chassis with discreetly striped structure, anodized to a matt silver...

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Variocar® shelf trolley 90 Variocar® shelf trolley 45

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Injection trolleys / treatment trolleys Variocar® injection trolley 60 PicBox® Variocar® treatment trolley 60 PicBox® multi Variocar® injection trolley 60 COMPACT If you prefer retrofittable multipurpose trolleys with elegant, matt anodised aluminium chassis, the Variocar®Viva models are just right for you. Some examples: Variocar®Viva - models Variocar® Viva basic trolley 60 Variocar® Viva underneath trolley 60 Variocar® Viva basic trolley 60

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■ Tubular steel chassis, high gloss chrome-plated ■ Handles white, as standard ■ Aluminium chassis with discreetly striped structure anodised to a matt silver finish ■ Handles grey, as standard HAEBERLE spezializes in particular in providing customized OEM versions. Let us know your specifications and we will provide you a trolley according to your personally requirements. Choose from 7 fashionable colours for handles Other colour combinations or individual colours on request

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Disposal boxes „Medi-Mull“ sets 1,5 L „CUPFIX“ ampoule opener Additional system components and accessories can be found in the Variocar® price list. Your medical distributor

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