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Catalogue excerpts

Furniture surrounding us with care The dignity of people does not only depend on what they know, but also on what they still can. On the daily routines they can still carry out. It is our goal to develop and create furniture and surroundings that enable people to live as independently as possible. We want to care for people. That is why we pay the utmost attention to the tiniest detail during the development of our furniture. This is done with a clear understanding of the needs, a thorough knowledge of the challenges and a deep respect for society. By doing so, we create an environment that cares...

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to heal, to care & to meet

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People want to be themselves and feel comfortable, especially in their own place. That is how people evolve from being into well-being. Furniture should not only be functional, but also contribute to the atmosphere and character of the environment, so that people feel at home.

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“I like the calm my room radiates. This is where I feel at home.” BERNADETTE bed Olympia Care XLow bed side table Atlas low armchair Domus Club-1 ex coffee table Flat

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Perfect harmony bed Velino Care bed side table Quadra armchair hm82a (Hitch Mylius) bed Olympia Hospital XLow with reading lamp bed side table Ilana

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bed Olympia Hospital XLow bedside table Ilana

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Olympia Hospital “The Olympia hospital bed is ergonomic and functional. It relieves my daily duties as a nurse.” JOHN bed Olympia Hospital bedside table Ilana control satellite control

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chair Lima table Moro chair wooden Fero relax

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chair Stella chair wooden Fero relax bed Olympia Care Soft

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People give energy to each other. Contacts give strength. Conversations give meaning. Healthcare furniture has to stimulate meetings and make them more meaningful. In this way, people keep in touch with each other and the world.

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time for yourself chair 130 (Thonet) table 130 (Thonet)

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various forms armchair Luxor armchair Elephant (Kristalia) table Neat (Kristalia)

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location WZC Maasmeander Maasmechelen

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chair Sintesi chair Sintesi table Square location WZC Engelendaele Bruges

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chair Embrasse chair Logica table Square location Zorgcentrum Scharweyerveld, Maastricht

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“We only want the best for our customers. That is why we opt for Haelvoet.” HEALTH CARE MANAGER armchair Moby Club location Borgate Rotterdam

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Not only medical care helps people heal. An adapted environment can be healing too. People have a higher chance of getting better in a place where they feel at ease. An environment that radiates warmth forms the basis of a faster recovery process.

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chair Q-Bic waiting furniture location Gelre hospitals

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bed Aron Hospital bedside table Ilana

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armchair Q-Bic waiting room furniture stretcher Vico stretcher

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examination table Eleva stool with airlift

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Haelvoet Belgium More than anybody else, we realize that growth is the driving force of a production company. We continuously pursue this ambition, as long as this is not at the expense of our flexibility and philosophy. That is why we have two independent production units with their own features and markets. Our Belgian branch mainly concentrates on Western Europe and further export markets, whereas our Romanian production unit is active in Central and Eastern Europe. Haelvoet France Haelvoet Romania Haelvoet Switzerland To strengthen our established reputation, we have a worldwide network of...

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Tradition Long before the concepts of “Healing Environment” and “Evidence-Based Healthcare Design” became widely known and accepted, design and atmosphere were already important strategic pillars within our family company. The rst pieces of medical furniture originated in 1931 from the unagging energy of a man that exactly knew how to combine creativity with innovation. The current managing director, grandson of the company founder, remains loyal to the principles that have proved to be successful for already more than 80 years. The company’s rich history and enthusiastic spirit are the ideal...

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YOUR FUTURE PEOPLE People Haelvoet cares for people. Not only our products surround the users with care. Our employees, too, enjoy a positive and stimulating social policy and work climate. Haelvoet even goes one step further and wants to participate actively in local communities and contribute to valuable social initiatives. Haelvoet pursues the same goals as you do. A liveable world for the next generations. This is a continuous search for the right balance between people, environment and entrepreneurship. Production processes and deliveries KDYH WR EH DV HIõFLHQW DV SRVVLEOH whereas resources...

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Haelvoet nv Edition 2014 Haelvoet reserves the right to modify the product. Small colour deviations are possible.

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