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Heliosphere® Newtech 720

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720 NTRAGASTRiC AIR BALLOON Characterisl'ics Morbid obesity is a serious danger for the health and the quality of patient's life. As a minimally invasive, reversible and comfortable medical implant, HELIOSPHERE® Newtech is a guarantee of safe and effective pre-operative treatment for morbid obesity. Non-surgical and minimally invasive • • • Put in place in around 20 minutes by endoscopic route without the need to hospitalise the patient. Inflated with air • •• Light so reducing post-implantation nausea, vomiting and the feeling of pain. Implantation time • •• 6 months. Reinforced airtight • • • Protective polymere coating. Facilitated implantation • • • Easy cover removal system. • •• Reduction in introduction diameter. Facilitated extraction • •• Reduction in extraction force. • • • Single and tranparent wall. LNE/G-Med CE marking Class II b ( \ HELIOSPHERE9 Newtech Ref. 720 ■ 1 single-pouch balloon - polymere coating ■ 1 insertion kit pre-connected to the balloon ■ 1X 60 cc syringe \) HELIOSPHERE9 Extraction Kit ■ 7 deflation needle ■ 7 pair of extraction forceps ■ 7 universal connector for aspiration

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720 NTRAGASTRiC AIR BALLOON IndicahiDns It is important for the success of the treatment that the use of the HELIOSPHERE® Newtech intragastric balloon is accompanied by medical and dietetic monitoring. Morbid obesity (IMC 50-60) • •• Serious medical and mortality risks. Pre-operative • •• Lowering of the anaesthetic and surgical risk. For a Body Mass Index lying between 30 and 50, the use of the HELIOSPHERE® Newtech Ref. 600 intragastric balloon is recommended. Read the operating instructions. Re5Ull'5 Once inflated, the balloon reduces the nominal volume of the stomach. By acting on the...

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