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CG Series Superior Rolling Moment

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Linear Guideway Technical Information Linear Guideway Technical Information Subsidiaries / Research Center HIWIN GmbH OFFENBURG, GERMANY HIWIN JAPAN KOBE‧TOKYO‧NAGOYA‧NAGANO‧ TOHOKU‧SHIZUOKA.HOKURIKU‧ HIROSHIMA‧FUKUOKA‧KUMAMOTO, JAPAN CHICAGO, U.S.A. HIWIN Schweiz GmbH JONA, SWITZERLAND HIWIN KOREA SUWON‧MASAN, KOREA HIWIN CHINA BRNO, CZECH REPUBLIC SUZHOU, CHINA HIWIN SINGAPORE No. 7, Jingke Road, Taichung Precision Machinery Park, Taichung 40852, Taiwan Tel: +886-4-23594510 Fax: +886-4-23594420 Mega-Fabs Motion Systems, Ltd. SINGAPORE HIWIN TECHNOLOGIES CORP. HAIFA, ISRAEL HIWIN Srl BRUGHERIO, ITALY The specifications in this catalog are subject to change without notification. Copyright © HIWIN Technologies Corp. ©2018 FORM G99TE20-1808(PRINTED IN TA

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INDUSTRIE 4.0 Best Partner Multi Axis Robot Pick-and-place / Assembly / Array and packaging / Semiconductor / Electro-Optical industry / Automotive industry / Food industry • Articulated Robot • Delta Robot • SCARA Robot • Wafer Robot • Electric Gripper • Integrated Electric Gripper • Rotary Joint Single Axis Robot Precision / Semiconductor / Medical / FPD • KK, SK • KS, KA • KU, KE, KC Direct Drive Rotary Table Aerospace / Medical / Automotive industry / Machine tools / Machinery industry • RAB Series • RAS Series • RCV Series • RCH Series Linear Guideway Precision Ground / Rolled • Super...

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Preface A linear guideway allows a type of linear motion that utilizes rolling elements such as balls or rollers. By using recirculating rolling elements between the rail and the block, a linear guideway can achieve high precision linear motion. Compared to a traditional slide, the coefficient of friction for a linear guideway is only 1/50. Because of the restraint effect between the rails and the blocks, linear guideways can take up loads in both the up/down and the left/right directions. With these features, linear guideways can greatly enhance moving accuracy, especially, when...

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1-2 Selecting Linear Guideways Identify the condition  Type of equipment  Space limitations  Accuracy  Stiffness  Travel length  Magnitude and direction of loads  Moving speed, acceleration  Duty cycle  Service life  Environment Selection of series  HG/CG series - Grinding, milling, and drilling machine, lathe, machine center  EG series - Automatic equipment, high speed transfer device, semiconductor equipment, wood cutting machine, precision measure equipment  QE/QH series - precision measure equipment, semiconductor equipment, Automatic equipment, laser marking machine, can...

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1-3 Basic Load Ratings of Linear Guideways1-3-1 Basic Static Load (1) Static Load rating (Co) Localized permanent deformation will be caused between the raceway surface and the rolling elements when a linear guideway is subjected to an excessively large load or an impact load while either at rest or in motion. If the amount of this permanent deformation exceeds a certain limit, it becomes an obstacle to the smooth operation of the linear guideway. Generally, the definition of the basic static load rating is a static load of constant magnitude and direction resulting in a total permanent...

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1-4 Service Life of Linear Guideways 1-4-1 Service Life When the raceway and the rotting elements of a linear guideway are continuously subjected to repeated stresses, the raceway surface shows fatigue. Flaking will eventually occur. This is called fatigue flaking. The life of a linear guideway is defined as the total distance traveled until fatigue flaking appears on the surface of the raceway or rolling etements. 1-4-2 Nominal Life (L) The service life varies greatly even when the linear motion guideways are manufactured in the same way or operated under the same motion conditions. For...

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(2) Temperature factor ( ft ) Due to the temperature will affect the material of Linear guide, therefore the permissible load will be reduced and the nominal service life will be decreased when over 100°C. Therefore, the basic dynamic and static load rating must be multiplied by the temperature factor. As some accessories are plastic which can't resist high temperature, the working enviornment is recommended to be lower than 100oC. Temperature °C 100    150    200    250 (3) Load factor ( fw ) The loads acting on a linear guideway include the weight of slide, the inertia load at the times...

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(1) Load on one block Table 1-3 Calculation example of loads on block Loads layout W: Applied weight l: Distance from external force to driver c: Rail spacing Pn: Load (radial, reverse radial), n=1~4 F: Exter

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(2) Loads with inertia forces Table 1-4 Calculation Examples for Loads with Inertia Forces Considering the acceleration and deceleration Load on one block  Constant velocity W: Weight of object (N) g: Gravitational acceleration (9.8m/sec2) Pn: Load (radial, reverse radial) (N), n=1~4 Vc: Maximum speed (m/sec) t1(t3): Acceleration (deceleration) time (s) t2: Constant speed time (s) c: Rail spacing (m) d: Block spacing (m) l: Distance from center of gravity to driver (m) 1-5-2 Calculation of The Mean Load for Variable Loading When the load on a linear guideway fluctuates greatly, the...

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1-5-3 Calculation for Bidirectional Equivalent Loads HIWIN linear guideways can accept loads in several directions simultaneously. To calculate the service life of the guideway when the loads appear in multiple directions, calculate the equivalent load (Pe ) by using the equations below. HG/EG/WE/QH/QE/QW/RG/QR Series 1-5-4 Calculation Example for Service Life A suitable linear guideway should be selected based on the acting load. The service life is calculated from the ratio of the working load and the basic dynamic load rating.

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