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Technical Data Armeo®Power


Device description:

The Armeo®Power is a rehabilitative exercise device for upper extremity therapy.
The main component of the ArmeoPower is a motorized arm orthosis, which is able
to support the weight of a patient's arm and to assist the patient during specific
exercises in a large 3D workspace. The ArmeoPower is intended for patients who
have lost the function or have restricted function in their upper extremities caused by
central nervous or peripheral neurogenic, spinal, muscular or bone-related
disorders. The ArmeoPower supports specific exercises for increasing the strength
of muscles and the range of motion of joints in order to improve motor function.
Furthermore, the ArmeoPower assists clinicians in evaluating these functions.

Key Features:


Room requirements:

Motorized arm orthosis with 6 actuated degrees of freedom covering an
extensive 3D workspace
Assist-as-needed arm support that adapts to the patient’s capabilities
Augmented Feedback with motivating exercises to train activities of daily living
Assessment Tools for objective analysis and documentation of the patient’s
System mounted on a mobile platform
Casters’ diameter: 10 cm
Device’s dimensions: 2.7 m (l) x 0.8 m (w) x 1.65 m (h)
Weight: approx. 205 kg

Space: 3.5 x 3.5 x 2 m (l x w x h)
Temperature: 10 °C - 35 °C
Humidity: 30 % - 75 % relative air humidity

Mains connection:

100-240 V~ / 50/60 Hz


24 inch flat screen monitor with integrated speakers

Adaptability to patient:

Electric lifting column for comfortable height adjustment (range: 400 mm)
Continuous adaptation to subject’s dimensions
forearm lengths (elbow to handgrip): 310 - 420 mm
upper arm lengths (shoulder to elbow): 250 - 340 mm
Continuous adaptation of weight compensation force to subject’s needs
System platform compatible with commonly used wheelchairs
Patient weight max. 135 kg (297.6 lbs)



Technical Data Armeo®Power

Armeo ® Power
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    Degrees of freedom:•6 actuated degrees of freedom, each with a motor and two angular sensors-Horizontal shoulder abduction (relative to sagittal...
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