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EasyScan Brochure - 8 Pages

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EasyScan Brochure
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Catalogue excerpts

EasyScan: Smart Retinal Imaging Superior Imaging Enjoy the benets of SLO technology and capture high-quality images easily for accurate diagnosis. Never Dilate Reduce examination time, capture images through small pupils and increase patient satisfaction with the fact that no dilation is ever needed. Mobility Connectivity EasyScan is a compact, light-weight device that will t every ofce space and enable it to be easily transported between locations. EasyScan can be used in single practices, mobile workstations and with multiple review stations.

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Superior Imaging No pathology EasyScan employs Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope (SLO) technology for superior imaging EasyScan, OS, merged central EasyScan, OS, infrared central EasyScan, OS, green central EasyScan, glaucoma suspect, color Earlier diagnosis of retinal conditions G Greater contrast than a fundus camera G Better penetration of media opacities such as cataract G EasyScan, early MD, infrared Conventional fundus, early MD, color Conventional fundus, DR, color Diabetic retinopathy Retinopathies become more easily detectable with a clear and sharper image for accurate diagnosis. Benets...

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Never dilate There is never any need for dilation when capturing images with EasyScan. This saves time and increases patient satisfaction. EasyScan also has the ability to scan through mild to moderate cataract. Green laser (532nm) Undilated EasyScan image through cataract Dilated fundus camera image through same cataract Minimum pupil size with a fundus camera: 3.3 mm Unique with EasyScan: Minimum pupil size 1.5 mm Retina Pigment epithelium Choroid Sclera EasyScan can always image through small pupils; there is no need to dilate. EasyScan’s green laser reveals any problems in the upper layers...

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Mobility EasyScan’s compact design allows it to t in every ofce space and to be stored and moved between locations with ease. The simple USB connection to a computer gives you the exibility to run your clinics anywhere. With a weight of less than 11kg/24lb and easy plug ‘n play installation it opens up high-end eye care to patients all over the world in the blink of an eye. User-friendly and convenient technology EasyScan is user-friendly; anyone can capture high-quality images. It can be operated almost anywhere without having to darken a room. Internal xation lights and the self-guiding software...

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Connectivity EasyScan can be used in single practices, mobile workstations and with multiple review stations. Images can be reviewed straight away if necessary. Network integration is easy and connection, updates and service can all be performed remotely. Multiple review stations Mobile workstation Large network, scalable, remote updating Plug & Play

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EasyScan Uses Accurate diagnosis for Eye Care Professionals A breakthrough, zero-dilation retinal imaging system that uses SLO technology to diagnose retinal diseases including diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and glaucoma. “EasyScan gives us a great view of the internal retina which allows for early detection of maculopathies not typically seen by a dilated fundus exam”. Dr. Steven Squillace, O.D., Johnson Memorial Medical Center, Stafford Spring, Connecticut, USA Boost your revenue simply by providing a three minute eye health service for your patients A full service...

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Optical engine: Confocal SLO Capture mode: green (532 nm), near infrared (785 nm) and combined (pseudo color) Minimum pupil size: 1.5 mm Autofocus and auto capture: Yes Alignment help: “See what you get” with IR live imaging Networking capabilities including telediagnosis Image formats: TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, DICOM, PDF 420 mm/16.5” For more information: i-Optics USA - usa@i-optics.com - +1 888 660 6965 i-Optics International - info@i-optics.com - +31 70 3993 112 www.i-optics.com

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