HF MONOBLOC X-RAY GENERATOR With Stationary Anode Insert X-Ray Tube Application in ortopantomography Bone Densitometry - 2 Pages

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HF MONOBLOC X-ray GENERATOR WITH STATIONARY ANODE INSERT X-RAY TUBE APPLICATION IN ORTOPANTOMOGRAPHY/BONE DENSITOMETRY Main Features X-ray assembly properly developed and designed for application in Ortopantomography / Bone Densitometry. Fitted with a maximum supplied X-ray power of 2 kW it can be easily used in all examinations where an exposure time's The system can be descrive as follow: Monobloc, all aluminium cased, for better thermal dissipation, in oil bath, fitted with a high voltage transformer and with an X-ray parameter feedback circuit. It makes use of insert X-ray tubes with stationary...

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