MONOBLOC X-RAY GENERATOR I-40S 40 kHz, Stationary Anode, for Fluoroscopy & Radiography - 2 Pages

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MONOBLOC X-RAY GENERATOR I-40S 40 KHZ, STATIONARY ANODE, FOR FLUOROSCOPY & RADIOGRAPHY Main Features Technical Data Its maximum power reaches 15 kW in pulsed fluoroscopy Technical Features High frequency and high voltage X-ray generator fitted in Moulded aluminium case, for a better thermal dissipation. Stationary anode X-ray tube with foci of 0,5 -1,5 mm. High voltage kV +, kV -, and mA feedback circuit. Internal Thermal safety at 57°C with a rubber lung for oil volume Specifications subject to change without notice. ^ ^ 0051 I.M.D. Generators S.r.l. - Viale Matteotti, 28/a - 24050 Grassobbio...

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