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Hemo One

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Fully automated HbA1c Analyzer With extra Diabetes diagnostics capabilities CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS

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DEDICATED HbA1c SYSTEM ORDERING INFO HEMO ONE - INSTRUMENT H3310000001 STABLE LIQUID REAGENTS Hemo one simpifies your job with ready to use kits A-R0000000029 FUTURE PARAMETERS ( To be released in 2014) A-R0000000014 R0300000004 Glucose control Microalbumin calibrator With extra Diabetes diagnostics capabilities Glucose calibrator Fully automated HbA1c Analyzer Microalbumin control Hemo One™ is small sized smart random Hemo One™ is very fast and precise. access, fully automated analyzer. Hemo One™ can include several MAKES YOUR LAB LIFE EASIER more parameters for diabetes testing. Hemo One™...

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Up to 27 positions including samples, calibrators and QCs Automated start-up and shut-down Whole blood automatic pretreatment with HbA1c lysing reagent Light source: long-life halogen lamp (2,000 hrs) Multiple wavelengths on board First result after 12 minutes only! Throughput: 60 test/hr including automatic lysing on-board All-In-One computer with touch-screen operation Sample and reagent positive identification by integrated barcode reader On-line Calibration, QC and patient results archive Operative software: MS Windows Xp/7® based Incubation and reading cuvette:...

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R&D and Production: I.S.E. S.r.l. Via Luigi Einaudi, 7 Guidonia Montecelio 00012 Rome, Italy Tel: + 39 0774 579 365 Fax: + 39 0774 353 085 Legal site: I.S.E. S.r.l. Via delle Driadi, 45 00133 Rome, Italy www.logotech-ise.com Customer Care Center: info@logotech-ise.com Sales and Marketing office: sales@logotech-ise.com Technical service: service@logotech-ise.com Order handling and logistics: order@logotech-ise.com © Oct. 2013 Ref. BRO1010 V1.0 I.S.E S.r.l. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Specifications are subject to change without notice. I.S.E....

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