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JEL HORUS Particle Measuring Device

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Screening Technology | Particle Measuring Device JEL Horus

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About Us Future-Oriented Solutions for Process Technology due to Efficiency and Innovative Power Good Support Round the Clock J. Engelsmann AG disposes of 135 years of experience in developing and realizing solutions for process technology. Our engineers design and construct both process machines and complete plants according to the requirements specified by the customers. J. Engelsmann AG helps you to avoid or to minimize downtimes. And if it happens, we will be at hand with our quick central parts service or with our service team. Of course we do not confine ourselves to an „emergency...

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Description Particle Measuring Device JEL Horus Operation The fine material of the screening machine flows through the product downpipe. By means of the product guide plate, the amount of product required for measurement is constantly fed into the optical system. There, the product is detected and the measuring results are assessed accordingly. This process is constantly performed and therefore constitutes real on-line particle measurement. By means of the supplied software the monitoring range can be individually adjusted to the product. In case of deviation from the pre-set grain range, a...

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Additional Equipment / Technical Data Additional Equipment In order to be able to perform fault-free particle measurement, product agglomerates that may form during the screening process must be disintegrated before measuring. In general, agglomerates are formed due to electrostatic charge. In such cases, a compressed-air chamber is installed in front of the particle measuring device JEL Horus, in which shear flow is generated by means of specially arranged slot nozzles. This shear flow of air disintegrates existing agglomerates before they enter the particle measuring device.

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Description Particle Measuring Normal Screening Mass balance curve x = 400...600 jl/m ■ detected particle diameters The diagram displays product distribution in the desired target range between 400 and 600 /im. The orange separation lines mark this exact range. The bar outside this range mirrors the selectivity of the screening. Since selectivity never reaches exactly 100%, the system accordingly detects particles that are outside the desired range. The opto-electronic measuring system is capable of evaluating this exactly according to Screen Breakage Mass balance curve x = 400...600 jlim ■...

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Attributes Particle Measuring Device JEL Horus Real Online Measurement Detection of Screen Breakage The particles are continuously measured and assessed, so that the process constitutes real on-line measurement. As soon as particles of deviating sizes enter the desired grain size due to a crack in the screening mesh, the device will immediately detect and indicate this. Indication of Pass-Over of the Screening Mesh Wide Application Range If too much material is present on the screen insert and consequently particles of deviating sizes enter the desired grain size, the device will...

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Manufacturing Programme Screening Technology Classifying Screener Regula-Standard Regula Free Swinging Screening Machine Classifying screener Regula-Standard with adjusting device for the individual sieve decks for max. 8 fractions in one single operation Regula free swinging screening machine for classifying all grain sizes from 40 micron up to 20 mm with up to 8 fractions in one single operation Centrifugal Screening Machine VIRO Control Screening Machine TWS Centrifugal screening machine VIRO as a control or protective screener for bulk goods with poor flowing properties and difficult to...

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Screening Technology | Particle Measuring Device JEL Horus

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