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Catalogue excerpts


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glove box Weight Internal working dimensions (L * H * D in mm) TIGHTNESS LIGHTING class 1 to standard ISO 10648-2 (oxygen method) leakage rate < 5.10-4h-1 LED light stainless steel - adjustable height electrical single phase 220 V - 16 A FRONT PANEL polycarbonate - 10° inclination bolted, can be easily dismountable GLOVE RINGS VACUUM ANTECHAMBER butyl-hypalon - ambidextrous size 8.5 thickness 0.6 mm - length 750 mm cylindral in stainless steel Ø 400 mm - length 600 mm filter support for HEPA filter or activated charcoal filter

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vacuum chamber DIMENSIONS Stainless steel – Ø 400 mm - length 600 mm On the right or on the left of the glove box EXTERNAL DOOR Lifting mechanism (vertically) - Easy opening through gas cylinder INTERNAL DOOR Lifting mechanism (vertically) - Easy opening through gas cylinder Gas cylinder external to the glove box for a maintenance without pollution of the atmosphere 3-way manual valve for evacuating and filling in Inner sliding tray in stainless steel VACUUM CONTROL Vacuum gauge 0-1bar with analog display pressure control OPERATION Electro valve controlled through PLC System without backscattering...

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front panel FIXED (DISMOUNTABLE) • polycarbonate • glass transfer systems ACCESSORIES Two stage vacuum pump 10 m3/h MINI VACUUM CHAMBER Vacuum chamber Ø 150 - length 400 mm analyzers and filtration ANALYZERS • HEPA : particles • activated charcoal : solvents complementary information SUPPORTING FRAME Stainless steel 304L – height 950 mm casters and lock out cylinders tight feedthroughs Consult specific documentation

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