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air0 - Hygiene Mattress with Lentex® - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

”– Our best mattress developed for treatment of decubitus” Göran Nordin,

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air0 is a top-quality hygiene mattress developed for the treatment of pressure ulcers up to and including Category 3. MATTRESS CORE air0 is a 6-layer mattress with carefully selected foam types. All layers are glued together to avoid shear and provide increased comfort. 2 cm supersoft cold foam 4 cm pressure relieving viscoelastic flexible foam 4 cm soft treated Waterlily foam 4 cm soft treated Waterlily foam 4 cm pressure relieving viscoelastic flexible foam 2 cm supersoft cold foam OUR UNIQUE SURFACE LAYER LENTEX® This mattress is equipped with our unique surface layer Lentex® which is laminated...

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in quality & pressure tests! Pressure test results: Mattress Soft Euroflex Soft Comfort A low value means a low pressure against the body, all values in mm Hg. For heavier users it is especially important that the pressure shown under "large indenter, 600 N" is as low as possible. Easy t ou JUST A se, no air p um LOW P REASS ps, no nois e, no w URE! WARR ires an AN d cable of the T Y – MAT T s. mattre RESS C ss cor e’s B v ORE: 4 year WARR alue in s for s AN tru accord 5 year T Y – LENTE ance w ctural fatig s for th X ue ith SS e Lent 876 00 ex sur FIRE S 11. face ad TA hesion requir NDARD: The...

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The story behind It The story behind our new mattress began on a bleak autumn day in 2002. The founder of Järven Health Care, Inga Nordin, who earlier that year had been awarded the Royal Patriotic Society’s gold medal for her lifelong commitment to the development of new and better products for healthcare*, received the most difficult news of her life: – You have ALS and most likely just a few months left to live. Her reply to the doctor reflects her whole attitude to life – You don’t get to decide how long I shall live. During the remaining four years of her life, she struggled, not only with...

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