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Lentex - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

UNIQUE MATTRESS LAYER ydtven &te tilth Care

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tex adapts to your body No creasing or wrinkles When in a sitting position, it is particularly important that the mattress is flexible. Lentex does not create any creases or wrinkles. Creases and wrinkles in the mattress surface increase the risk of skin irritation and pressure ulcers. Evenly spread pressure A Lentex mattress is designed with a surplus of material, enabling the mattress to spread the pressure evenly over the body. This is particularly helpful in reducing pressure on sensitive body parts such as heels and elbows. Flexible Lentex follows the contours of your body so that you adapt...

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Whiter than white Lentex's white colour makes it easy to quickly pick up on any contamination. This makes it easy to maintain basic hygiene routines. After all – there's a reason why doctors have white coats. No seams or zips With no seams or zips, there is less of a risk of fluids and bacteria reaching the foam interior of the mattress. Our Lentex mattresses have been approved for use during the treatment of dangerous diseases, such as MRSA. QUICK, CLEAN AND FRESH Solid protection Lentex is impervious to liquid and has a low vapour permeability. This means that our Lentex mattresses are a comfortable...

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Safe Safety in healthcare is usually associated with fire safety. Lentex and our range of mattress cores meet the current stringent fire safety requirements in the healthcare sector. Safety is also about reducing the risk of infection and pressure ulcers. This is why we have achieved good hygiene and pressure distribution with fire-retardant materials. The result is a comfortable and safe product. Total cost performance Wiping with a soap- and alcohol based cleaning agent makes your mattress hygienic and fresh in the blink of an eye. This removes the need for washing and for additional covers. Durable...

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HYGIENIC MATTRESSES WITH LENTEX A MATTRESS FOR EVERYONE We believe in choice. We have therefore ensured that we have a range to suit everyone. We have Lentex hygienic coverings in everything from baby mattresses to fire-retardant mattresses for extremely demanding conditions. The latest additions to the Lentex family are the Air O and Air O mattress pad. HYGIENIC MATTRESSES Soft Euroflex Hygienic Mattress – Anti-decubitus in 3 wonderful layers Solid Hygienic Mattress – Comfort and hygiene for heavier individuals Waterlily Hygienic Mattress – Simply naturally beautiful Exclusive Hygienic Mattress...

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