Mattresses with Lentex® - Unique surface layer - 4 Pages

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Mattresses with Lentex® - Unique surface layer

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INFECTION CONTROL HYGIENIC NO STRIKETHROUGH ANTI-DECUBITUS Whiter than white Our unique surface layer Lentex’s white colour makes it easy to quickly pick up on any contamination. This makes it easy to maintain basic hygiene routines. After all – there’s a reason why doctors have white coats. Simple to clean All Lentex mattresses are quick and easy to clean – simply wipe the mattress with a soap-based cleaning agent. The mattress can be disinfected using an alcohol-based disinfectant, with surfactants, or with any similar agent. Lentex - quick, clean and fresh. No seams or zips With no seams...

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No more strikethrough The uniqe surface layer Lentex, which is laminated directly on the foam core is probably the only solution to avoid strikethrough. This means no more hidden contaminated mattress cores and additional covers. Anti-decubitus All Lentex mattresses follow the contours of your body so that you adapt to the mattress. This means you are lying nicely and comfortably, with a low risk of pressure ulcers. Solid protection Our unique surface layer Lentex is impervious to liquid and has a low vapour permeability. This means that our Lentex mattresses are a comfortable and hygienic...

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A mattress for every need We believe in choice. We have therefore ensured that we have a range to suit everyone. We have Lentex hygienic coverings in everything from baby mattresses to fire-retardant mattresses for extremely demanding conditions. Soft Euroflex Hygienic Mattress - Anti-decubitus in three layers Exclusive Hygienic Mattress - Soft and relieves pressure Waterlilly Hygienic Mattress - Simply naturally beautiful Comfort Hygienic Mattress - The economic alternative Soft Comfort Hygienic Mattress - For lighter individuals Child & Junior Hygienic Mattress - Comfort and hygiene from...

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