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OptiCell 2 - Alternating Air Mattress - 1 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Alternating air mattress Opticell 2 is an alternating air mattress that has an alternating pressure function. The alternating pressure system ensures that pressure in every other cell switches between two different fixed positions every 12 minutes. Opticell 2 is placed on top of a foam mattress. It is used preventively and in the treatment of pressure ulcers up to and including Category 2. Opticell 2 has replaceable cells, comes with a removable hygiene cover, and a CPR-valve giving rapid deflation of air at CPR situation. Ulcer Category Up to and including Category 2. Opticell 2 comes with a quiet pump, Q2-02, which is easy to use. Core 17 ventilated cells (Low Air Loss). Cells 17 cells that are interchangeable and made of soft PU (polyurethane). Humidity: Incontinence cover that ”breathes” - that is, releasing air from the core while it is waterproof. It reduces friction and other complications for the user. Coating Dahlia Bi-elastic, soft and elastic hygienic cover. Hygiene: The cover is easy to clean and use. It can be wiped off with alcohol/ disinfection liquids or machine washed at maximum 95 °C. Cells and bottom can be rinsed with water (max. 70 °C). Pump Q2-02-pump with sensor (automatic adjustment to the correct user weight). Capacity: 8-10 liters/minute. Noise level: 26 db. Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz. Safety 1: CPR-valve can be quickly and easily opened and is located on the left side of the main cells. This ensures rapid deflation in case of CPR. Safety 2: The Q2-02-pump has an alarm function with bright lights and noise that warns you of low pressure in the mattress. Warranty 2 years for manufacturing defects. Fire protection Meets the requirements of SS 876 00 01, EN 597-1 & 2. Bromsvägen 3 | SE-891 60 Örnsköldsvik | SWEDEN Telephone: +46 (0)660-22 28 50 | Telefax: +46 (0)660-824 10 www.jarven.se | healthcare@jarven.se Please read the instruction manual before using the product.

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