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Soft Comfort - Hygiene Mattress with Lentex® - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Soft Comfort Hygiene Mattress STANDARD PREVENTIVE THERAPEUTIC yUtven stealth Care

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Soft Comfort The Soft Comfort Hygiene Mattress is a mattress with 3 layers and a firm core surrounded by a soft surface layer, volumetric weights 23+40+23 kilograms/m3. The layers are glued together to prevent them from sliding apart. The surface layer Lentex® surrounds the core of the mattress. OUR UNIQUE SURFACE LAYER LENTEX® This mattress is equipped with Järven's unique surface layer Lentex® which is laminated directly onto the foam core. This means that it has no seams or zippers. Mattress weight Approx. 7-9 kilograms depending on length and width (standard sizes). Warranty – Mattress core...

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