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Wedge-shaped Pillow - 2 Pages

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Positioning Pillows When a user is bedridden, it is important to change positions regularly. Caregivers and relatives need to provide assistance the care recipient cannot manage on his or her own. PREVENTA positioning pillows can be used to maintain the bedridden individual's position and provide support. The pillows are filled with PES pellets for stable positioning. We offer two optional soft covers with all models. They are available in fabric and polyurethane, depending on individual requirements. The PU covers are sealed with a drawstring at one end. PREVENTA positioning pillows are part of the PREVENTA positioning series. This also includes the elevation pillow and the flex heel / relief pillow. Selectable covers We offer two different types of covers: A cover in a soft woven PU material that can be cleaned quickly and smoothly, and a fabric cover. Recycling The PREVENTA positioning pillows are fully recyclable and should be sorted as combustible waste. No dismantling is required. Warranty 2 year for manufacturing defects. NOTE: The warranty does not apply if damage to the mattress or pillow is caused by mechanical impact from pens or other sharp objects. Please read the instruction manual before using the product. Product specifications on next page Bromsvägen 3 | SE-891 60 Örnsköldsvik | SWEDEN Telephone: +46 (0)660-22 28 50 | Telefax: +46 (0)660 - 824 10 www.jarven.se | healthcare@jarven.s

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Rectangular pillow, PU 60 x 40 cm Cover, cotton    60 x 40 cm Rectangular pillow, PU 45 x 35 cm Cover, cotton    45 x 35 cm Rectangular pillow, PU 70 x 40 cm Cover, cotton    70 x 40 cm Rectangular pillow, PU 15 x 30 cm Cover, cotton    15 x 30 cm Rectangular pillow, PU 25 x 40 cm Cover, cotton    25 x 40 cm Rectangular pillow, PU 25 x 80 cm Cover, cotton    25 x 80 cm Rectangular pillow, PU 45 x 80 cm Cover, cotton    45 x 80 cm Rectangular pillow, PU 55 x 80 cm Cover, cotton    55 x 80 cm Rectangular pillow, PU 65 x 90 cm Cover, cotton    65 x 90 cm Wedge-shaped pillow, PU Cover, cotton Wedge-shaped...

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