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Catalogue excerpts

Standard of body composition analyzers

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Our company uses additional information such as body weight, height, age and gender based on directly measured impedance. Or the device can only use weight and height. Body composition cannot be measured without using necessary factors. B.CA becomes smarter by using more factors such as age and gender in addition to body weight and height. The technology of measuring Body Composition is based on directly measured impedance and shows the result from the calculation with additional information such as weight, height, age and gender. We have kept claiming this fact since the establishment and recently...

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Technology of Jawon Medical Jawon Medical has constantly been using tetra-polar electrode method using 8 touch electrodes ever since its foundation in 1993. Instead of switching between bi-polar electrode and tetra-polar electrode methods, we have consistently used tetra-polar electrode method. Technology of our company is based on isotope dilution method, the golden method for measuring body water. Empirically estimated values refer to ceaseless modification on the formula based on comparison of DEXA, CT or user measurement data without basic clinical data. Jawon used a formula to body water...

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ID: JAWON MED 0002346512 Name: Diane Date: 2014-04-20 16:25 Height: 173.0 cm Weight: 61.6 kg Age: 26 yrs Gender: Female Scan the left QR code with a smart phone to ID: JAWON MED 0002346512 Name: Diane Date: 2014-04-20 16:25 Height: 173.0 cm Weight: 61.6 kg Age: 26 yrs Gender: Female Segmental Result (Option)

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Soft lean mass and body fat of five body parts (left and right arms, left and right legs, and trunk) are analyzed. O Body Composition Analysis It shows measurement results and optimal ranges of Body Water, Protein and Mineral that consist of Human Body. We have been recognized in the fact that there is 99% correlation through the clinical test comparing with Isotope Dilution Method called Golden Method in Body Water Measurement 0 The measurement result of Body Composition It shows graphs to make people see their body conditions at a glance. It will guide them to decreasing body fat or increasing Body...

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Functional specification Measuring method Frequency range Measuring site Result item Power consumption Power supply Input device Transmission device Printing device Measuring range Measuring time Applicable height Measuring weight Operation ambient Storage ambient Tetra-polar electrode method using 8 touch electrodes Whole body and segmental measurement (arms, legs and trunk) Body Composition Result Weight, Standard weight, Lean body mass. Mass of body fat. Skeletal muscle mass. Soft lean mass. Protein mass. Mineral mass. Total body water. Body mass index, Percent of body fat, Ratio of E.C.W./T.B.W.,...

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