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XRV Sub System - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

We are Your NDT X-Ray Resource Inspection/Security Industrial NDT/Inspection Automotive/Aerospace

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THE SPELLMAN XRV SERIES 1.8KW - 6.0KW X-RAY GENERATORS... IT ALL STARTS HERE I Adjustable arc count, quenching and ramping speeds protect X-Ray tubes I Lightweight compact packaging I Specialized warmup programs optimize tube performance and extend life I Tube database for all standard X-Ray tubes is included with the XRV Controller I The use of terminal blocks for installation offer quick set-up and replacement times I Dual filament power supplies drive all conventional metal ceramic X-Ray tubes RELIABILITY Design Validation – Industry leading reliability and MTBF. Environmental stress screening,...

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When it comes to dependable HV power for X-Ray applications, Spellman High Voltage leads the way. No other manufacturer builds a more reliable, efficient, stable, or compact X-Ray Generator. Offering negative, positive or bipolar output ranging from 160kV to 450kV, Spellman can deliver an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications. Today’s X-Ray applications demand greater performance, higher reliability, and increased flexibility. Spellman has responded with the compact, powerful, and reliable XRV Series. Consider the benefits of the groundbreaking XRV: Low ripple and active power factor...

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TURN-KEY X-RAY SOURCES FOR INDUSTRIAL NDT APPLICATIONS. System Matched, Integrated, Tested, and Warrantied... all from One Source I Tube, generator, HV cable(s), cooler, controller & I/O fully tested together at Spellman High Voltage I Assembly ready “Plug And Play” out of the box I Cables, hoses, fittings all part of the packaged solution I One purchase order I One phone call to Spellman for support I 2 year warranty for system exceeds that of individual outsourced components/assemblies. X-Ray tube warranty is prorated. Shown above, with an output voltage of 450kV is our complete XRV450 turn-key...

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XRV Controller With its’ One-Shot Profiles, intuitive Touch-Centric menu and interface flexibility, this powerful controller is the perfect match for your system. • 7˝ Touch Screen LCD • 10/100/1000MBIT Ethernet • Unlimited storage and recall of X-Ray tube profiles • Complete X-Ray tube database • Auto and customizable tube seasoning profiles • Bench and rack mount available GUI Control Software for XRV The GUI is specifically designed for controlling XRV series power supplies. As an alternative to the analog control, the GUI will allow the user to control all necessary functions of the HVPS from...

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Spellman USA and Corporate HQ 475 Wireless Blvd, Hauppauge, NY 11788 United States tel: +1-631-630-3000 fax: +1-631-435-1620 Spellman Valhalla NY USA One Commerce Park Valhalla, NY10595 United States tel: +1-914-686-3600 fax: +1-914-686-5424 Spellman Bohemia NY USA 30 Crossways East Bohemia, NY11716 United States Spellman UK Broomers Hill Park#14, Broomers Hill Pulborough, West Sussex, United Kingdom RH20 2RY tel:+44 (0) 1798 877000 fax: +44 (0) 1798 872479 Spellman Japan 4-3-1 Kamitoda, Toda-shi, Saitama-ken, Japan 335-0022 tel: +81(0) 48-447-6500 fax: +81(0) 48-447-6501 Spellman China Spellman...

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