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Hoists for Lifting Dogs - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

HOISTS K9Surf Canine Care Hoists – LOLER Registered A Complete Range of Hoists & Slings To Suit The Individual Needs Of Your Business Safe Manual Handling Custom Built Adjustable Four Point Spreader Bar Range of Different Hoists To Meet Your Needs Easier & Less Stressful For The Dog Human Grade Hoists With 100% Reliability No Mains Power Required For Operation Easy To Install, Easy To Use Full Advice & Support Service For Customers Suitable for weights up to 220kg (35 Stone) We Can Provide You With Any Hoist, Anywhere Do you need to move patients around your building? Onto the examination table? Into a hydrotherapy pool? The K9Surf range of Care Hoists is able to meet the demanding needs of your individual business. Whatever kind of hoist you are looking for, we’ve got it covered. The K9 Surf Range of Care Hoists means that you have more choice over what hoist system is most suited to your company. So whether you are looking for a fixed or portable hoist, our range gives you the flexibility to choose what’s best for your business. Don’t know what hoist would be best? Then give us a call for a free, friendly chat to discuss your individual needs. Benefits To Human Handler - Removes risk of injury to human handler as no manual lifting is involved - Adheres to Health & Safety Manual Operation Regulation 1992 - Makes easy work of lifting, moving and handling animals - Quicker Client Turnaround Benefits To The Dog - Reduces the physical and mental stress of being manually handled - More comfortable than being lifted by hand - Reduces risk of injury while being lifted eg: bruising, rupture, joint dislocation

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Better For The Dog. Easier For The Handler. Safer For Both. What Hoist Suits Your Needs Best? Free Standing Gantry There’s no need to attach this hoist to a ceiling as its free standing design means it can be fitted to any pool, any size, anywhere. A superb system for buildings with high ceilings and those which are unable to attach the system to the ceiling or drill into joists. Single Line Straight Track This ceiling mounted single track works on a single axis and is a popular choice for hydrotherapy centres who only need to run the track in one direction. Simple, Easy & Reliable. X/Y and Multi...

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