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Hydro-At-Home - 4 Pages

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Catalog excerpts

Hydro-Flex Pool – Custom Size to Suit Your Needs Fitted Heat Retaining Cover Compact Sand Filter Surface Skimmer, Pool Vacuum and Maintenance Package Heater Lightweight Internal Pool Ramp Water Treatment and Testing Strips Buoyancy Aid Buoyancy Toys All Necessary Pipework and Fittings Delivery (Mainland UK) Full details regarding each component below: Pool - Size, of your choice. Rectangular, Circular or Square. Pools can be installed fully in-ground, part in ground and part out or fully above ground. Heat Retaining Fitted Cover - This will insulate the pool when not in use and will also prevent debris falling in. Heater - A Stainless Steel Pool Heater with Titanium Element designed to achieve and maintain water temperatures to a controllable level. Easy to install and includes a built in timer. Gas/Oil Heat Exchangers available if preferred. Surface Skimmer - A floating skimmer, which again is easy to install and will collect dog hair and floating debris in net bags that come with it. Sand Filter – Compact Sand Filter, keeps the water clean and is easy to maintain. Jet System (Optional) - A surface-mounted swimming pool pump with a powerful turnover connected to adjustable jets at the end of the pool for the dog to swim against. Water Maintenance Pack - Designed to ensure the environment remains healthy, bromine tablets are supplied alongside water testing strips. Pool Vacuum - Easily connected to the skimmer this simple operation enables the cleaning of the pool. Contact K9Surf: A: K9Surf, Unit B1 Ryelands Business Centre, Ryelands Lane, Elmley Lovett, Droitwich, WR9 0PT T: 01299 251070 F: 01299 250935 W: www.K9Surf.co.uk E: info@K9Surf.co.uk

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Hydro-Flex Pools Ramp – One Internal Portable Pool Ramp supplied. Upgrading to the optional heavy duty ramp recommended for large breeds. Canine Buoyancy Aids - One Buoyancy Aid to suit your dog. Additional Buoyancy Aids can be supplied. Buoyancy Toys – A Set of Floating Toys are supplied with very pool to ensure swimming is kept as a fun, enjoyable hobby for your dog!. Delivery - Mainland UK Delivery is included in the price. To have the pool delivered outside of the UK can be done so at an additional charge. Hydro-At-Home Range – Installation Photographs Contact K9Surf: A: K9Surf, Unit B1 Ryelands...

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Hydro-Flex Pools Pool, Treadmill, Spa Ordering, Delivery and Installation Information How to Place an Order: Simply let us know your requirements and upon receiving a 50% deposit, we will put the equipment into production. Within three weeks we will require the remaining 50% payment and the equipment will then be dispatched to you. Payment can be made via Cheque, Direct Bank Transfer or Debit Card. We can take payment via credit card, however have to add a 3% surcharge on this method of payment. Finance: We offer finance through a recognised finance provider. Delivery Timescale Hydro-Flex: Delivery...

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Hydro-Flex Pools Contact Details and Directions Display Pools and Underwater Treadmill: Our show room featuring our Underwater Treadmill and Display Pools is located in our showroom in North Worcestershire. Please telephone or e-mail to make an appointment so we can guide you through the installation and operating of a K9Surf Hydrotherapy Pool Package. Contact Details: T: 01299 251070 F: 01299 250935 W: www.K9Surf.co.uk E: info@K9Surf.co.uk A: K9Surf Unit B1 – Ryelands Business Centre Ryelands Lane Elmley Lovett Droitwich Worcestershire WR9 0PT. Location: K9Surf is situated in the North Worcestershire...

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