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Homocysteine - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

World Novelty 36 hours stable at room temperature The new blood collection tube from KABE LABORTECHNIK KABEVETTE® G KABEVETTE® Vacuum Primavette® S KABEVETTE®

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Homocysteine: 36 hours stable at room temperature Preanalytical factors that influence Several aspects have to be taken into lution of plasma elements and, after homocysteine testing such as the consideration regarding homocystei- the blood sample has been mixed storage and transportation of blood ne testing. The preanalytic period, well, reliably inhibits the release of samples, often pose severe problems especially the time between blood homocysteine from blood cells. In- in surgical and clinical settings. The tensive studies have shown that the new homocysteine blood collection tical importance....

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Flexible and accurate. What does the new homocysteine blood collection tube from KABE LABORTECHNIK offer? P Suitable for overnight mailing P Stable homocysteine concentration within whole blood at room temperature for at least 36 hours P No immediate centrifugation after blood sampling P Easy to perform preanalytic – same handling as standard blood P No immediate storage on crushed ice after blood sampling collection P Compatible with almost all P No cool transportation necessary homocysteine analysis applications P No dilution and volume effects P Available as aspiration and vacuum principle P...

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Homocysteine blood collection range KABEVETTE® G and Vacuum Aspiration and vacuum principle can be combined in one system Homocysteine KABEVETTE® G and Vacuum Multiple sampling adapter with Luer cone Multiple sampling adapter with cannula Multiple sampling adapter with safety cannula Multiple sampling adapter with safety cannula and extension tube („Butterfly“ principle, 350 mm and 120 mm long) Blood collection tube with homocysteine stabilizer Multiple sampling adapter with cannula and extension tube („Butterfly“ principle, 300 mm long) Item no. 104005 AM G 46 K yellow security Item no. 104030...

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KABE LABORTECHNIK – because health is a matter of trust! Complete range of products supplied by KABE LABORTECHNIK GmbH: P Multiple sampling adapters P Glass and plastic capillaries 480085/11.06 P Prepared blood collection with accessories P Prepared test tubes P Racks for test tubes P Pre-filled blood-sugar vessels P Capillary blood collection and test vessels P Serum/plasma filter and distributors P Disposal bags P Tissue embedding cassettes P Pathology vessels P Mixers for blood samples P Urine collection bottles P Blood sedimentation instruments P Flabs for afterloading therapy E-mail: info@kabe-labortechnik.de KABE...

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