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Primavette - 13 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Safe and variable! The blood collection by KABE LABORTECHNIK Primavette® S Primavette® V

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Perfection down to the smallest detail The blood collection by KABE LABORTECHNIK The demands on disposable products Therefore, perfection down to the for laboratory and medical techno- smallest detail, production under the logy have continually increased over cleanest and most hygienic condi- years. This forces the manufacturer tions as well as permanent quality to a complete quality assurance du- controls are absolut condition during ring all stages of the product forma- the production of equipment for this tion – from the development via the sensitive area. production to the despatch. Thereby...

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Primavette blood collection systems ® – The safe system for single and mul- – The variable system for single and tiple sampling with rubber membra- multiple sampling with Luer cone and Single collection is effected with a Lu- No dripping after single or multiple er cannula or directly from Luer con- nections such as multiple-way taps, High grade rubber membrane closure ensures absolute density. Single collection: Remove the membrane cap from the Easy ! Insert the Primavette catheters, “butterfly“ cannulae etc. turn to the right into the Sangocan multiple sampling adapter. a commercial Luer cannula...

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Homocysteine The homocysteine blood collection tube from KABE LABORTECHNIK 36 hours stable within whole blood at room temperature P Stable homocysteine concentration within whole blood at room temperature for at least 36 hours P No immediate centrifugation after blood sampling P No immediate storage on crushed ice after blood sampling P No cool transportation necessary P Suitable for overnight mailing P Appropriate for use in surgery setting P Easy to perform preanalytic – same handling as standard blood collection P Compatible with almost all homocysteine analysis applications P No dilution and...

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Fill. volume Ø x length Prepared for serum collection with coagulation inducer and separating agent Prepared for serum collection with coagulation inducer, separating agent and gel Prepared for plasma collection with separating agent Prepared for plasma collection with separating agent and gel Prepared for plasma collection with separating agent Prepared for haematological analysis Anticoagulant: Lithium heparin Anticoagulant: Lithium heparin Anticoagulant: Ammonium heparin Anticoagulant: EDTA (Ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid) Item no. in brackets: Primavette® V Packing unit: 50 pcs in a dispenser...

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Blood sedimentation Prepared for haematological analysis Prepared for coagulation physiological analysis Prepared for the determination of the platelet dependent haemostasis capacity (PHC) Prepared for blood sugar determination Prepared for the measurement of the blood sedimentation rate Prepared for homocysteine determination Anticoagulant: sodium citrate: 0.1 mol/L Mixing ratio: 1:10 Anticoagulant: sodium citrate: 3.8%, pH value 5.5 Mixing ratio: 1:10 Glycolysis inhibitor: sodium fluoride suited for lactate determination Anticoagulant: sodium citrate: 3.8%, Mixing ratio: 1:5 Accessories for...

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Multiple sampling adapter with cannula Multiple sampling adapter with safety cannula Multiple sampling adapter with cannula and extension tube Multiple sampling adapter with safety cannula and extension tube Sterile Item no. 0959 9002 Sangocan® 20 G yellow Sterile Item no. 0959 9005 Sangocan® 20 G yellow security Sterile „Butterfly“ principle, 120 mm long: Sterile „Butterfly“ principle, 120 mm long: Item no. 0959 9010 Sangocan® 21 G green Item no. 0959 9015 Sangocan® 21 G green security Item no. 0959 9140 Sangocan® V 20 G yellow 120 Item no. 0959 9145 Sangocan® V 20 G yellow 120 security Item...

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Multiple sampling adapter with Luer cone Sterile Item no. 0959 9053 Sangocan® LUER Sterile Item no. 0959 9509 Sangocan® IN The adapter offers the possibility of injection or sampling by putting it on a commercial syringe and attaching a multiple sampling adapter. Packing unit: 100 pcs in a dispenser box 1,000 pcs in a despatch box Packing unit: 100 pcs in a dispenser box 1,000 pcs in a despatch box Sedimentation rack for Primavette® Item no. 080603 With bar code scanner A sample plate with 24 clips for holding sedimentation tubes and optional e.g. EDTA tubes. Item no. 080000 Without bar code scanner Overhead...

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Needle guard Application of the needle safety devices from KABE LABORTECHNIK Easy handling Reliable protection P The cannula is locked irreversible tivated immediately after removal of within the needle guard the cannula from the patient‘s vein P An audible „click“ indicates that the safety mechanism is fully acti- activated with a one-hand technique P The blood collection technique P The safety mechanism is an inte- grated part of the safety cannula The „butterfly“ safety cannula The safety mechanism can be activated with an easy The needle guard can easily be pushed over the cannula one-hand...

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The Primavette® sepa is a primary vessel for all stages from sampling the blood through analysis to long-term storage of samples. The patented plunger system has been designed for three jobs: P for a closed blood collection P for a safe, reliable and hermetic seal P for a stable and enduring separation During centrifugation, the separator migrates through the serum phase and floats on the blood clot. When the centrifuge comes to a stop, the tube wall and the separator guarantee long-term separation without diffusion. After centrifugation the tube is already opened. Removing of the stopper and...

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KABE LABORTECHNIK – because health is a matter of trust! Complete range of products supplied by KABE LABORTECHNIK GmbH: P Multiple sampling adapters P Glass and plastic capillaries 480065/11.07 P Prepared blood collection with accessories P Prepared test tubes P Racks for test tubes P Pre-filled blood-sugar vessels P Capillary blood collection and test vessels P Serum/plasma filter and distributors P Disposal bags P Tissue embedding cassettes P Pathology vessels P Mixers for blood samples P Urine collection bottles P Blood sedimentation instruments P Flabs for afterloading therapy E-mail: info@kabe-labortechnik.de KABE...

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