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pioneer detection system PKAIWOOD EASEmed The Test is a membrane based sandwich immuno- chromatographical assay. An anti-CHW capture antibody is immobilized on the membrane in the test zone. A gold-labeled anti-CHW antibody is imbedded in a sample pad where the sample is applied. After sample application, the gold labeled antibody binds to the antigen in the sample to form an antigen-antibody complex. As the sample-gold labeled antibody mixture migrates along the membrane, the antigen-labeled antibody complex is captured by the immobilized anti-CHW antibody in the test zone to form an antibody-antigen-gold labeled antibody sandwich as indicated by the appearance of a magenta test line. The absence of the test line indicates a negative test. In the control zones of the membrane, a magenta control line appears in every valid test indicating that the test is properly performed and reagents are functional as Canine Heartworm (CHW) Test is designed to detect the antigens of CHW (Dirofilaria immitis) in canine whole blood, serum or plasma. Individually foil pouched test devices: 10 units Diluent buffer: 1.5 ml X1 unit Disposable droppers: 10 units 1) Specimen Collection and Preparation 1. It is recommended that fresh specimens be used if possible. Specimens may be stored at 2-8°C for up to 3 days before testing. For long-term storage, specimens should be kept below -20°C. a. If specimen and test kits are stored at cold temperature (2-8 °C), allow them to reach room b. Remove a device from the foil pouch and place c. Using a dropper as a pipette, obtain the specimen and dispense 1 drop (40 /A) of the sample fluid into the specimen well (S). J0 i/l ( 1 diu|j) u( IYIUJIS Wuud d.When the specimen is completely absorbed into the specimen well (S), add 2 drop (80 /A) of buffer Buffer addition TEST RESULT Test results can be inspected in 2 methods : A. Visual: Visual inspect by eye. B. Reader: Analyze with veterinary test reader. Visual inspect the test results within 10 mins. Control Line (C): The line should always appear. If this line does not appear, the test should be considered invalid. This is probably because of impure buffer and the lack of specimen. It should be tested again with new buffer. Negative: Control line only appears. 2. Separation of serum or plasma from blood should be performed as soon as possible to avoid hemolysis. Only clear, non-hemolyzed specimens 3. Bring specimens to room temperature prior to testing. Frozen specimens must be completely thawed and mixed well prior to testing. Specimens should not be frozen and thawed repeatedly. Positive: Both Test and Control lines appear. Invalid Results requiring Retesting a) Both Test and Control lines do not appear. b) Only Test Line Appears and Control line does

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B. Reader Analyze test results with CHR-116R Veterinary Test Reader in 10 minutes. a) Place the test cassette into the drawer of reader. Further examinations This test is for primary screening. Consult veterinarians for further necessary examinations to obtain clinical test results. Precautions 1) Use for In-vitro veterinary diagnostic purposes only. 2 Use within 10 minutes after opening the pouch because the test kit is very sensitive to moisture and its efficacy may diminish. 3) Be careful not to touch the result window. 4) Use a different dropper for each specimen. 5) Use only the buffer included...

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