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Kanmed BabyWarmer - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

KANMED BABYWARMER Optimal growth in a safe and simple way. For Premature, Near Term and Newborn babies.

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THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD USE THE KANMED BABYWARMER. For the past 20 years more than a million small and premature babies have been efficiently warmed on the Kanmed Water Mattress. The Kanmed BabyWarmer is designed to keep premature, near term or newborn babies perfectly warm and is well researched. As a result babies are proven to leave the incubator earlier, relax, sleep better and grow optimally. The Kanmed soft warm Water Mattress and the Kanmed Baby Nests provide similar warming and cosiness as with skin to skin Kangaroo care. The Kanmed BabyWarmer could result in an earlier discharge from hospital...

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KANMED BABY WARMING SYSTEM The Kanmed Baby Warming System is very safe and easy to use. All parts are of the highest quality to ensure a long and troublefree lifetime. Correctly used it will ensure optimal warming of your baby. CONTROL UNIT BABY INTERFACES Water Mattress: All babies from 800 g Gel Mattress: Near Term babies from 1500 g to full term 2 THE NEW KANMED BABYWARMER 20 years experience is behind the new CE marked Kanmed BabyWarmer. The new BabyWarmer has 3 under body warming possibilities using the same Foam Mattress: Term babies and for comfort heating Control Unit and Heating Pad....

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WARMING EFFICIENCY Time (h) 500 ml water bottle Kanmed Water Mattress Kanmed Gel Mattress Kanmed Foam Mattress To estimate the warming efficiency a plastic bottle with 500 ml of water was placed on each of the mattress types when they were in steady state at 37° C. The bottle was covered with a double layer of cotton towel. The temperature rise in the water was then recorded. As shown above the Water Mattress has the highest energy transfer and is therefore the most efficient warmer. The efficiency of the water mattress has been documented in many published studies. References include: PH Gray et...

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CONFIGURE YOUR KANMED BABY WARMER Different sizes of nests, disposable nests, water mattresses, etc. makes it easy to adapt the use of the Baby Warmer to the baby’s need and to hospital routines. BW3-001 A COMPLETE KANMED BABY WARMER STANDARD DELIVERY CONSISTS OF: BW3-020 Control Unit BW-50-003 Water Mattress BW-50-029-1 One bottle Anti Algae BW3-002 Low Voltage Heating Pad BW-50-025 Baby Nests (2pcs) 699-1171 Mains Cord BW3-0xx Instruction Manual Order optional Gel or Foam Mattress. BW3-020 CONTROL UNIT New design with easy to read display. The new BabyWarmer offers you 3 under body warming methods...

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WATER MATTRESSES, GENERAL INFORMATION All Kanmed Water Mattresses are made of strong, soft plastic. They are constructed with damping walls that reduce water movements, but still remains flexible enough to respond to the baby’s movement. A bottle of Anti Algae is included which is clinically proven to keep the water clean for up to one year. BW-50-003 WATER MATTRESS This is the most commonly used Water Mattress. When filled to the level mark on the mattress it contains about 4–4,5 litres of water. Length: 60 cm, Width: 27 cm GE-602815 GEL PAD WITH POCKET The Kanmed Gel Pad is specially made for...

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BW-50-025 AND BW-50-025-XL KANMED BABY NESTS The Kanmed Baby Nest is a reusable nest in one piece. Just slide the selected Mattress and Heating Pad into the pocket. The Baby Nest is intended, to facilitate correct physiological positioning and to provide a cosy environment around the Baby. Washing temperature: 60° C. Material Cover: Cotton, Filling: Polyester fibre, Baby Nest Length: 65 cm, Width: 35 cm BW-50-027 BABY NEST FOR TWINS Nest to suit the Twin Water Mattress art no: BW3-015 or for two standard Water Mattresses. Length: 65 cm, Width: 55 cm, Height: 5 cm. (Only blue colour) BW-50-200 DISPOSABLE...

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CONCLUSION The Kanmed BabyWarmer and Kanmed BabyBed allows you to move a premature baby out of the incubator at an early stage and to start the very important mother child bonding using Kangaroo skin to skin care. Photos by Micke Wiberg 2013-08-14 | 64180

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