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Kanmed Warming Cabinet - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

“A warm blanket is an easy and safe method to increase patient comfort and reduce shivering before and after surgery” MADE IN SWEDEN! The KANMED WARMING CABINET is made in Sweden using stainless steel and high quality components, thereby making the Cabinets very robust. They are designed to withstand the hard use in a hospital environment. Expected trouble free lifetime is 15 to 20 years. The KANMED WARMING CABINETS warms by circulating warm air. The temperatures in the Universal Cabinets can be set from 30°C to 50°C. The Factory setting is 42°C upper limit. The temperature in the Blanket Warming Cabinets can be set from 30°C to 80°C. The Factory setting is 70°C upper limit. A technician can easily change temperature limits, block temperatures, set hi and low temp alarm limits, etc. to suit your requirements. SPECIAL FEATURES • • • • • • • • • Doors can be hung both ways. Double insulating safety glass. Low power consumption Very quiet. Access to items is really easy. Magnetic door handles Either height adjustable feet or lockable wheels. 2 yea

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ORDERING INFORMATION Article /Ordering Numbers: Cabinet with adjustable feet Shelf Basket Shelf Blanket Cabinet Wheel Kit Large Cabinet Wheel Kit Small Cabinet COMBINATION CABINET Fluid and blanket warming GE-2350D GE-41500 GE-41600 GE-41580 GE-41700 - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Outside measurements 168 cm / 66 cm / 64 cm 95 cm / 66 cm / 64 cm 168 cm / 66 cm / 64 cm Height / Width / Depth Height without wheels or feet Height without wheels or feet Height without wheels or feet Inner Volume ≈415 litres ≈415 litres ≈190 litres ≈190 litres ≈160 +≈160 litres Inside measurements 140 cm / 56 cm / 53 cm...

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KANMED WARMINGCABINET High Quality Warming Cabinets that help to prevent perioperative hypothermia and increase patient comfort.

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KANMED COMBINATION CABINET The KANMED COMBINATION CABINET is a combination of a small Universal and a small Blanket Warming Cabinet. The Cabinet comes with either height adjustable feet or lockable wheels. Combination Cabinet Art. No. GE2350D ( Max 5 shelves or baskets in the fluid compartment and 2 shelves in the blanket compartment) Decide if you want the fluid compartment in the upper or lower part.

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KANMED BLANKET WARMING CABINETS for fast and economical warming of: Blankets, Towels, Sheets, etc. The KANMED BLANKET WARMING CABINET is used in the pre operation and recovery area to warm blankets and other patient bedding material. The Kanmed Warming Cabinets will actively assist in reducing hypothermia before and after surgery thereby avoiding uncomfortable shivering. Blanket Warming Cabinet Large Art. No. GE-2380L (Max 5 shelves) Blanket Warming Cabinet Small Art. No. GE-2380S (Max 2 shelves)

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KANMED UNIVERSAL WARMING CABINETS Intended for fast and economical warming of: Irrigation Fluids, Intravenous and Dialysis Fluids, Gel Pads, Gel positioning items, Instruments, etc. Compared to less insulated cabinets, Kanmed Cabinets may save you more than € 350 per year in electricity consumption! Universal Warming Cabinet Small Art. No. GE-2350S The KANMED UNIVERSAL WARMING CABINET is designed to assist in the reduction of patient hypothermia and to increase the patient comfort. The Cabinets are mainly used in the operating theatre areas for warming intravenous fluids, dialysis & irrigation...

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