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Arterial Puncture Training Wrist Radial artery puncture is a common approach for blood collection and artery catheterization; however, it is a challenging skill for trainees. This innovative simulator is designed to provide training in artery puncture with true-to- life feeling. Skills & Training Production supervision: Medical Director, General Internal Medicine National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical Center Arterial pulsation is palpable. Realistic resistance of tissue and artery wall felt with the injection needle. Natural flashback of artificial blood into the needle can be observed. Radial arterial line placement can be simulated. No puncture trace remains on the injection site. One-touch, leak free connections. Easy clean up. Radial Arterial Line Placement rw-kyoto@kyoto Arterial Puncture Training Wrist 1 wrist and hand model 2 sets of puncture skin (inner and outer skin) Replacement parts (set of outer and Inner parts) 11351 -030 replacement silicon tape (a set of 4) 11351 -040 replacement artery tube (a set of 4) Specifications are subject to change. IABP Measurement (Pressure value is not simulated)

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