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AUDIOLAB Two-channel clinical audiometer Pure Tone audiometry Speech audiometry Masking SISI, ABLB, MLB, Decay Test Tone audiometry Lombard BEKESY, Stenger, Speech audiometry Free Field Audiometry Hi Frequency (up to 20 KHz) Masking SISITinnitus Mapping COR ABLB & VRA Decay Test BEKESY

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AUDIOLAB Two-channel clinical audiometer AudioLab, advanced technology in a small space. With a weight of only 250 grams, AudioLab is so small it can be conveniently carried in your bag together with your laptop. However, when you turn it on, it becomes great, and rivals any 2-channel audiometer. A click on your mouse or on the keyboard, and AudioLab displays audiograms during tests and stores them in your database until you need to print them.

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LAP, the statistically most advanced audiological software. AudioLab now features a complete, innovative database that provides test previews to check the patients’ audiological record. Labat has developed an exclusive software that meets the requirements of modern audiology. The LAP software retrieves data directly from the hardware database to elaborate statistics more efficiently, thus satisfying the guidelines of modern hospital information technology. LAP enables audiologists to retrieve the tests of patients, and provides statistical data arranged by age, type of problem, test date, etc....

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AudioLab is certainly not at a loss for words. AudioLab is certainly AudioLab does not require an external CD player, not at Flash Memoryfor words. a loss contains lists of words as its built-in to be presented to the patient at selected intensities. AudioLab does not require an external CD player, as its built-in Flash Memory contains lists of words to be presented to the patient atfor external CD AudioLab has 2 built-in inputs selected intensities. connection, so that you are free to use any AudioLab has 2 built-in inputs for external CD equipment you like. connection, so that you are free to...

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Our big ears are all the better for them to hear with. Labat has designed and produced an amusing peep-show to put young children at ease, thus creating a cosy environment that minimises their worries about the visit. The peep-show apparatus has a control panel to check visual stimuli, an LCD monitor and DVD player, toys, light effects and a powerful free-eld system.

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AUDIOLAB Two-channel clinical audiometer (EN 60645-1) Type 1 A-E (EN 60645-1 - EN 60645-2) - Type 2 A-E (ANSI S36) Number of channels: 2, identical and indipendent OUTPUT AC R - AC L - AC R+L - BC R-L - FF R - FF L - FF R+L Contralateral masking with AC, BC, FF Advertisement addressed to ENT professionals. Intensity range (1.000 Hz) - 10 + 120 dB Hl MAXIMUN OUTPUT LEVEL OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES • Headphone ER-5A or ER-3A • Operator microphone • Patient microphone • Cables for silent room PURE TONE 1.000 Hz TRANSDUCER ENVIRONMENTAL STORAGE TEMPERATURE • -20 °C +50 °C OPERATING TEMPERATURE • 5 °C +40...

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